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Why Am I Afraid of Going Into Treatment?

As we’re approaching the recovery process, our fear of going into treatment can be one of the biggest impediments to our being able to heal. We avoid seeking out help and convince ourselves we don’t actually have a problem. We procrastinate on researching treatment centers and tell ourselves we’ll do it next week, then next week comes, and we put it off again. Once we find centers we think will work well for us, we stall on calling them, making all kinds of excuses as to why we can’t call. We may or may not be conscious of the fact that our resistance to treatment often comes from a place of fear. Why are we afraid of entering treatment?

Holding Onto Our Current Lives

For many of us, one of our greatest fears lies in leaving our current lives behind. We’re afraid to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and leave our current routines, which might not be at all comfortable or easy but are familiar and what we’re most accustomed to. The challenge of undertaking something completely new and difficult feels overwhelming to us, and we avoid it at all costs. Many of us are afraid to be without the people we feel most comfortable with, even for the relatively short time it takes to complete treatment. We don’t want to be away from loved ones, because we find them to be a source of comfort for us in our difficult times and we’re afraid to be without them. We’re afraid they might not be there for us when we finish. We’re afraid of what it will be like to return to these lives once we’ve started the process of creating new ones for ourselves.

Our Dependence on Our Drug of Choice

Another of our greatest fears that keep us from entering treatment is our fear of giving up our drug of choice. We’ve become so dependent upon it, physically, biochemically, mentally and emotionally, that we’ve come to believe we can’t live without it. For some of us it’s been years since we were sober. We don’t know if we’ll be able to cope with our lives without our drug of choice, if we’ll survive the withdrawal process, if we’ll even be happy when we’re sober. These fears can keep us trapped in patterns of avoidance, where we’ll do anything to avoid entering treatment, even though we know that’s what we need. We also worsen our fears and exacerbate their hold over us by convincing ourselves that our fears are stronger than we are and that we don’t have what it takes to overcome them.

You are strong enough to make the call.

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