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As you work toward overcoming mental health issues or addiction, you may find yourself in a situation or relationship and realize that you need to rebuild trust.

As you begin treatment, you will learn more about yourself and why you may have made the choices and decisions that you made. This is a great time to think about your relationships and whether they are healthy or unhealthy.

Working to rebuild trust in a relationship is something that takes time and effort. If you are beginning the process of rebuilding trust, here are a few suggestions you can use to get started.

#1. Listen to Others

Listening is a huge step in the rebuilding process. So often, we want to simply apologize and acknowledge what we have done. However, taking the time to really listen to the other person in the relationship is critical.

Listen to how they feel and what they think is and is not working in the relationship. Listen to what they say they need from you in order to reestablish trust.

#2. Talk About Goals

Talk about what the goals are for the relationship. When you know what you are striving for, you can better understand how to repair the relationship. Talk together about what goals you would like to set or change as you move forward together.

#3. Take Responsibility

Take responsibility for whatever part you played in damaging the trust in the relationship. Every person in a relationship needs to take some responsibility for their role in the lack of trust in order to rebuild trust successfully.

#4. Be Trustworthy

Make an effort to behave in a manner that demonstrates your trustworthiness. If someone tells you that specific actions make them uncomfortable or make it difficult for them to trust you, you need to take in that information and change your ways if you want to rebuild the trust in the relationship. Open and honest communication will always help.

Rebuilding trust in your relationships can be part of the recovery process. There are many different reasons you may be struggling with trust in your relationships. Rebuilding trust requires open and honest communication, creating goals, and accepting responsibility. Here at The Guest House, we understand how important relationships are. Everyone needs solid and healthy relationships. We are here to help you set goals and work towards achieving them. Call us today to learn more about our different treatment options and how we can support you on your recovery journey at (855) 483-7800.