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What Is a Healthy Conversation?

Daily communication is rarely as simple as it seems. Miscommunications can occur, emotions can affect what is being said, and not being fully present can create issues as well. Being able to have healthy, effective communication with others is a necessity in recovery. Not doing so can lead you to continuously experience triggering situations thatRead More

What Is Enabling and Why Is Enabling and Empowering Important?

The term enabler has two definitions according to the dictionary; one definition would seem a positive one, “a person or thing that makes something possible.” The second definition is “a person who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behavior in another.” How can one word have two polar opposite meanings? What Exactly Is an “Enabler?”Read More

Is Everyone’s Journey to Addiction the Same?

No two addiction stories and journeys are the same. The cause of addiction can be different for each person; for some, it is trauma; for others, it could be physical pain, mental illness, or a combination of any of these. The most important fact about the journey being unique is that everyone needs their ownRead More

Can I Plan for the Unexpected?

Life and the concept of the unexpected go hand-in-hand. No one can go through life without experiencing the unexpected moments in life. Similarly, no one can control the unexpected moments in life either. Unfortunately, the answer to this question will always be no. Planning for the expected is, unfortunately, impossible. You can never know forRead More

Developing Resiliency in Recovery

Recovery is difficult to manage and may be one of life’s biggest challenges. Developing resiliency is key to making your recovery sustainable. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), resiliency is paramount to facing the challenges of recovery. Building resiliency takes time and a steady application of the tools you learned inRead More

Are Family Reunions Helpful in Recovery?

Summertime is a common time for families and even family friends to get together and have a reunion. Spending time with family members you do not usually get to be around can be fun. Creating more memories together can be extremely meaningful as well. Even though you love your family members, getting together for aRead More

Understanding Trauma-Specific Practices

Trauma-based care assumes that you have a history of trauma in your life. We at The Guest House prefer to call it trauma-specific care as we are experts in recognizing trauma-related symptoms and acknowledging their role in your life. Trauma-specific care gives you the opportunity to be a partner in your health care and contributeRead More

Is “Anger” Ever Appropriate? Where Does Anger Come From?

Anger is a negative feeling that develops in response to the unwanted actions of someone else. It can be associated with unpleasant behaviors from anyone involved and is caused because you might believe someone else has been disrespectful, threatening, neglectful, or mean. Alternatively, anger is an appropriate response to some life events. Although, how youRead More

How Do I Make Positive Changes in My Life?

While in recovery, many of the goals you have created for yourself probably involve making positive changes in your life. Making lasting changes does not happen overnight. Rather, it takes many weeks and even months to make these changes happen in a reliable way. It is also worth noting that this process cannot occur byRead More

I’ve Worked Hard to Change and Nobody Believes Me

Your life is changing rapidly. You have gone through treatment and made great strides to thrive in a world full of people who are just trying to survive. You spent years in survival mode and are now taking charge of your life and making meaning from the chaos in which you lived for so long.Read More