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What Does ‘Shadow Work’ Mean?

Everyone has memories, experiences, and thoughts about themselves that bring them down. These low aspects make up your “shadow” and often live in the unconscious part of your mind. Shadow work can help you bring these aspects to the surface, where they can be healed. Carl Jung and Shadow Work Shadow work is a conceptRead More

What Is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

The stresses of daily life can affect your whole body and manifest in a number of negative ways. For those experiencing trauma, addiction, or mental health conditions, these daily stresses may feel impossible to handle. A great method for releasing pent-up stress is Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. This technique can help you overcome seeminglyRead More

Am I Addicted to Video Games?

Many people love to wind down at the end of the day with their favorite video games. In fact, the gaming industry is booming, with billions of players worldwide. However, if you’re an avid gamer, you may be wondering how much is too much. Sometimes, there can be a fine line between playing for funRead More

Am I Addicted to Marijuana?

Marijuana use is increasingly becoming legalized throughout the United States. Unfortunately, even if it’s legal, it can still be a problem. If you think you may be addicted to marijuana, there are signs and symptoms you can look out for. Marijuana Legalization According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), “Marijuana isRead More

Did My High-Pressure Career Contribute to Addiction?

If you’ve ever worked in a high-pressure environment, you are probably no stranger to stress. Unfortunately, stressful situations like intense careers can cause people to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. With the right treatment, however, the cycle of addiction can be broken. Neurobiology of Stress and Addiction Decades of research have shown strong links betweenRead More

The Value of Aftercare Treatment

Recovering from substance use disorder (SUD) does not end when you complete your residential program. At The Guest House, we know the transition from full-time support to living independently can feel daunting. You may wonder how you are going to adjust to life outside of treatment. Additionally, you may be worried about your potential forRead More

Emotional Sobriety in Recovery

Discontinuing your substance use is an important part of your recovery journey. However, there is more to substance use disorder (SUD) recovery than abstinence. Another important step on your journey to a healthier you is fostering emotional sobriety. What Is Emotional Sobriety? Emotional sobriety is synonymous with emotional regulation. As noted in an article fromRead More

Can Negative Energy Be Stored in My Body?

It’s no secret that negative energy can affect our lives in many ways. From how we think and feel to our beliefs, low vibrational energy can make us feel blocked and set us back. Many clinicians and researchers believe negative energy from trauma can even be stored in our bodies. This has led to moreRead More

Repairing Relationships Damaged by Substance Abuse

One of the most devastating parts of substance use is how it negatively impacts your relationships. In the throes of your substance use disorder (SUD), it can be difficult to see how it has harmed you and your loved ones. How Does Substance Use Impact Relationships? Whether, biological, found, or a blend, your family isRead More

Can I Heal Trauma Without Medication?

In our modern Western world, it seems like medication is the answer to everything. While medication can be beneficial in certain instances, it’s not the only way to heal trauma or behavioral health conditions. Lasting Effects of Trauma Research has shown a strong link between trauma, health conditions, behavioral health disorders, and other long-term effects.Read More