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The Role of Cognition in Addiction

Drug abuse and addiction are complicated. Studies have shown how the brain is impacted, which also impacts emotional responses and plays a role in the emotional ‘reward’ scenario. Things are always more complicated than they seem. Brain-imaging studies show that disruptions in the brain’s frontal cortex can impact cognitive activities, decision-making abilities, planning, and memory.Read More

Mood Disorders

Life is a roller coaster of emotions. One minute it feels like flying high, everything is going up. The next minute, life takes a turn and things plummet dramatically. These mood fluctuations come and go. When your mood starts to impact daily activities, you end up suffering from a mood disorder. These uncontrollable shifts inRead More

Battling Feelings of Overwhelm and Avoid Relapse in Recovery

When a person feels overwhelmed, they often experience emotions that include anxiety, fear,  and other things that can threaten their recovery. These emotional triggers can bring down recovery because it is easy to get lost in emotion and not be able to navigate away from them without looping them over and over again. Find someRead More

When to Consider Medical Detox

Facing withdrawal symptoms can make anyone afraid of what may be coming their way. It is scary, even if a person has been down that road before. Every situation is new and unique. There are some signs to consider when it is time to detox. Here are some things to think about.  How Detox WorksRead More

Coming to a Place of Reckoning with Addiction

When it comes to the day where a loved one is recovering from addiction, it feels like a massive, positive outcome. It can feel like someone has finally met with themselves and had a moment of clarity around where they want to go from there. Coming to a place of reckoning is not just forRead More

Why are People with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) More Susceptible to Addictive Behaviors?

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a difficult mental health condition, which is characterized by mood swings, difficulty in relationships, and actions that can harm themselves and others. Some people turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with symptoms of the mental health condition, while others struggle with addiction to substances as a result of usingRead More