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Why Happy Isn’t Always The Answer

Many a piece of literature written in social commentary focuses on the global obsession with happiness and the distractions being happy causes us. Happiness feels good. Happiness is better for us. However, happiness which comes at the expense of all of our other normal, regular, human emotions and feelings, is not authentic happiness. Happiness isRead More

Can Ecstasy Be Used To Treat Ptsd?

Ecstasy, MDMA, Molly- the drug comes by many different names. One name given to the chemical compound is more of a label or status. The Food and Drug Administration gave MDMA “breakthrough status”, a landmark decision on the half of the FDA when it comes to mind altering, potentially addictive drugs. Mental illness is aRead More

Millie Bobby Brown’s Advice On Self-love

Actress Millie Bobby Brown has taken the world by storm since her big breakthrough as the now beloved character of Eleven on Netflix’s Stranger Things. Becoming somewhat of a phenomenon, the world hangs and Millie’s every move. Recently, Millie Bobby Brown took to Instagram to discuss a topic not common among young women in theirRead More

How Does Hurricane Season Affect Mental Health?

As summer approaches as do the summer storms which hit Floridians on a nearly daily basis. Winter is the primetime in Florida with hardly a cloud in the warm, humid sky. From spring to fall, the state lives up to its tropical nature. From June 1 to November 30th, the state of Florida is officiallyRead More

Remember That You’re Loved (and Lovable)

Trauma is, among many things, a teacher. Through trauma, we learn many lessons about ourselves, the world, and our place in the world. Some of those lessons are positive. Trauma can show us our strength, even when we don’t feel strong and our endurance even when we feel like giving up. Trauma can bring peopleRead More