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Recovery From Trauma Isn’t The Same For Everyone

When you call The Guest House and ask about our treatment programs, you’ll be surprised to learn that each of our clients receive a customized program of care and treatment plan. The list of various therapies, therapy types, healing modalities, activities, support meetings, and treatments we offer is long, broad, and diverse. Having a wideRead More

Does Childhood Trauma Affect Adult Decision Making?

A risk is an exposure to danger. Risk is vulnerability taken to its most extreme. Taking a risk means taking a leap of, perhaps of faith, ready to fully accept the consequences on the other side. Risk-taking is a personality trait all people have because the human design has to include risks. Risky, thrill-seeking, orRead More

Can Childbirth Cause Ptsd?

Giving birth is not always as simple, easy, and beautiful as it is portrayed in the movies or on TV. Birth, commonly shown as being painful, can also be highly traumatic. A mother waits nine months to finally give birth to their child. It is a highly awaited moment that requires an incredible amount ofRead More

The Sun Still Shines Above The Storm

We make a lot of metaphors about dark days full of dark clouds and storms. We use phrases which tell us that we can’t pay attention to the rain, instead we have to learn to dance in it. These phrases help us realize that even in the midst of darkness, there is still hope forRead More

3 Ways To Take a Smartphone Detox Every Day

Smartphone addiction is a popular topic today as increasing amounts of research demonstrate that we spend far too much time on our smartphone devices. Spending time engaging with your smartphone isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, if you’ve found you are spending endless hours on your phone, developing eye strain, or having a problem beingRead More

How Do I Handle My Trauma At The Office?

Living life with trauma, whether under treatment or unresolved, can be hard at times. Trauma does not stay in one place. We cannot put trauma in a box, a kennel, or a cage and say to it, “I’ll see you when I get back later.” Trauma comes with us everywhere that we go. Trauma livesRead More

How To Replace Sugar In Your Recovery Diet

Nothing satisfies a difficult moment in early recovery like a favorite candy or treat. Compensating difficult moments or challenging emotions with an external substance is a behavior you are trying to change in recovery. Learning to be present with your feelings and learning to practice self-care for being present with your feelings are different. ThoughRead More

Is Pregnancy More Difficult For Women With Ptsd?

Trauma is a stuck process in our mind and our body. We go into the fight or flight response of survival that is inherent in our body. The experience of trauma does not necessarily result in the development of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, but it can. PTSD and trauma, when they are not thoroughly treated, canRead More