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Do I Have to Hug People?

We have all been there: you reach out to shake someone’s hand and they swat it away explaining “Oh no, I am a hugger!” They then open their arms wide and embrace you in a tight hug. You might have smiled–or grimaced. But you probably stood still and took it because we have been conditionedRead More

Myths About Schizophrenia

Almost everyone has heard the word schizophrenia. However, few people understand the disorder, the real symptoms, or what life is actually like with this disorder. Whether the misinformation stems from movies, television shows, or just the passing down of stereotypes, it is important to try to break those myths and spread the truth about schizophrenia.Read More

How Can Music Affect My Mental Health?

Almost everyone likes music in some form. You may not listen to it every day, but when you do you can feel the effects of it. Maybe it makes your mind wander, helps you to relax, or bring back memories. Music can have the ability to have a large impact on our mental health. OpeningRead More

Benefits of Restorative Spaces

Many of us live, work, or play in bustling cities. We are met with constant noise, movement, smells, and interactions. We are constantly going from one thing to the next without any thought. Our society places being busy on a pedestal, praising those with a strong work ethic and never taking downtime to relax. IndividualsRead More

Sleep Deprivation and Mental Health

Sleeping patterns and mental health are two very closely related concepts. Sleep helps your mind and your body repair themselves and become stronger. For that reason, sleep deprivation can worsen or even increase your chances of having mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression. Understanding the connection between your sleep struggles and your mentalRead More

Can Exercise Improve Mental Health?

We all know about the great physical benefits of exercise, from lowering blood pressure to helping lose weight. However, exercise has some amazing mental health benefits as well. Whether you need some motivation to get to the gym or a little push to go take a walk, here are some simple mental health benefits fromRead More

Setting Intentions and Goals in Recovery

The recovery process can be very overwhelming. It is scary to work through deep-rooted issues, open up to strangers, and change habits and thought processes. Recovery can also hit us with extreme excitement and anticipation for the future. All of these combined emotions can lead us into becoming trapped within our thoughts and emotions insteadRead More

Sharing Your Story in Recovery

Our experiences make us who we are today. What we have lived through has shaped and molded us, transformed us, and taught us valuable lessons. There was probably a time during your active addiction that you kept a lot inside of you. You probably had many secrets, did not tell people what you were goingRead More

Can I Help Reduce Stigma?

Stigma is defined as “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.” There is still some stigma associated with mental health disorders and this can greatly affect people needing to seek help for their mental health struggles. Fear of stigma keeps people suffering because they are afraid of what others willRead More

Alcohol Abuse and Pregnancy

Almost everyone knows that you are not supposed to drink while pregnant and that consuming alcohol is harmful to the baby. However, few people know the actual effects on the baby and even fewer give thought to the women suffering from an addiction to alcohol who find out they are unexpectedly pregnant. This can beRead More