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What Does it Mean to Find Hope in Long-Term Recovery? 

Hope can be a fickle thing in recovery. It comes and goes, ebbs and flows as an individual journey from being addicted to substances to healing. Many counselors believe therapeutically a person can glean hope in any circumstance. What hope does is provide light in the darkness, a lamp that provides direction forward. The beliefRead More

Does Early Recovery Trigger Anxiety?

  High levels of anxiety almost always go with the recovery territory. The brain and body are sorting themselves out slowly as detox gets rid of toxic substances from the body. Early recovery triggers anxiety for many reasons. It may not be something new for some people with addiction, but when it hits, anxiety canRead More

How Do I Support My Student With Anxiety? Part Two

In our previous FAQ post, we looked at the stress students today are facing, the role stress takes in their lives, and the difficulty they have in regulating that stress. For our first tip on how to support a student who is struggling with stress, we recommended bypassing the “I’m so stressed” escape route byRead More

How Do I Support My Student With Anxiety?

High school and college finals are quickly coming which means our country will be buzzing with millions of students who are trying their best to pass their exams in addition to managing their stress. Stress is on the rise for teenagers and young adults with reports of stress, distress, depression, and anxiety consistently on theRead More

Does Digital Media Cause Depression In Young Adults?

Studies which assert that digital media is devastating for the mental health of young adults fluctuates. Over the past few years, the evidence has started to pile up that it may not be digital media itself which causes depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, and other body image related issues in teens, among other mental healthRead More

Does Exercise Help Everyone Struggling With Depression?

Exercise has become a nearly universal suggestion for coping with depression. Innumerable personal and scientific accounts have confirmed that regular exercise at at least a daily minimal average of twenty to thirty minutes can greatly alleviate many symptoms of depression. Exercise boosts happy brain hormones, gets the blood pumping, builds confidence, routine, esteem, and muchRead More

Should Adults Return to School After Treatment?

  Going back to school is for any person of any age. While in recovery, a person may seek opportunities to increase their earning potential, change careers, or find new hobbies. Setting goals is important and education is usually high on most people’s lists at some point in their recovery. Adults who want to returnRead More

Is Recovering Joy Possible After Addiction?

The path of recovery is not always filled with joy. It is scary, frustrating, and a winding path that never seems to end. Life sober is different than living with addiction. Recovery takes diligence, time, and patience to pursue a life that is better than anyone can imagine but not always easy. To help findRead More