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Why Having Child Visits in Treatment Can Be Healing

Drug rehab is a time full of challenges. Entering rehab with children at home can feel debilitating, wondering if they are taken care of and doing okay. While making this decision has long-term positive consequences, in the short-term, it can feel difficult. Families with small children at home often don’t realize the impact of addictionRead More

What Are Some Ways to Build Hope for the Journey?

Addiction recovery is not a one and done. There is no cure or way to stop being addicted to drugs in the general sense. Even when a person stops using substances or does not gamble, or do other things that are addictive, they will continue to wrestle with the repercussions. This can get people downRead More

Some Simple Tips to Fix Finances in Recovery

Recovery is not just about the mind, body, and spirit. It is also about recovery that encompasses so much more. The disease of addiction unfolds in stages that ravage everything from relationships to health and also finances. Overcoming addiction means the rebuilding process has to begin. Recovering from financial instability and even spending every lastRead More

What Are the Risks and Signs of Emotional Abuse in Recovery?

Emotional abuse is hard to understand because it may come across as overly kind or wanting to be complimentary but in backhanded ways. Enabling can be considered emotional abuse, but so can constant criticism, little put-downs, or critiques about the way a person is doing something. A person’s self-worth and confidence already took some hardRead More

What Does it Mean to Find Hope in Long-Term Recovery? 

Hope can be a fickle thing in recovery. It comes and goes, ebbs and flows as an individual journey from being addicted to substances to healing. Many counselors believe therapeutically a person can glean hope in any circumstance. What hope does is provide light in the darkness, a lamp that provides direction forward. The beliefRead More

Why Emotional Regulation is Important in Recovery

Emotions drive people’s thoughts and feelings every day. With addiction, this is even more pronounced as the brain and bodywork to sort out what is going on with drugs in the system. Babies are not born with regulation systems in place. Management of emotional responses takes practice and is a skill that is learned. PeopleRead More