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Should We Reflect on the Past or Let it Go?

When it comes to dealing with our pasts, many of us still feel haunted by our memories and so consumed with the past that we feel it controls us and negatively impacts our lives. We feel as though we can’t move forward. We can’t let go of the past or make peace with it. WeRead More

Suppressing Our Pain

Our addictions can manifest from different mental and emotional patterns, many of which we aren’t conscious of, that are operating under the surface of our awareness. These patterns impact us in strong ways and contribute to the development of our very self-destructive addictive cycles. One of our most common patterns is our tendency to suppressRead More

Battling Our Feelings of Powerlessness in Recovery

Our addictions and mental health issues can be so overpowering and so debilitating that we feel powerless in dealing with them. We feel like we’re up against invisible forces we can’t control, outrun or escape. They can be terrifying and can completely overtake our lives. We start to believe that we have no recourse againstRead More

How Does it Help to Set Intentions and Goals?

Approaching the recovery process can be daunting and overwhelming, to say the least. We’re feeling all kinds of conflicting emotions, from fear, anxiety, worry and self-doubt, to excitement and anticipation about our sobriety and the possibility of changing our lives for the better. When we are in this place of emotional overwhelm, it can beRead More

Our Resistance to Sobriety

One of the challenges we face as addicts is that, as much as we want to get sober, we also experience strong resistance to sobriety. Consciously we know we want to get well. We want to be a good parent to our children, a strong partner in our relationships, and a dependable friend. We wantRead More

What is Self-Actualization?

For many of us struggling with addiction and mental illness, pushing ourselves to go after our goals and pursue our dreams is something we really struggle with. We don’t feel inspired or hopeful. We don’t feel connected to our purpose. We lack energy and motivation. Many of us feel as though we’ve given up onRead More

Finding Comfort in Solidarity

Our struggles with addiction can cause us to feel quite alone, isolated and lonely, and our tendencies to retreat inwards, distance and separate ourselves from people and also isolate ourselves even more only compound the problem. We often don’t feel as though we know where to turn for comfort and solace. We feel lost, sadRead More

How Do We Disempower Ourselves?

As we’re struggling with addiction and mental illness, everything we do, every choice we make, every pattern we let ourselves perpetuate, is either empowering or disempowering us. When we feel empowered, we feel confident. We know how strong and powerful we are. We have faith in ourselves. We feel grounded and secure in our abilityRead More

Insecurity and Addiction

There are countless different mental and emotional factors that can drive our addictions, many of which we’re unaware of. A common one for many of us is our insecurity and our lack of self-worth. Low self-esteem is something many of us share in common when struggling with addiction. It is often our fears of inadequacyRead More

Recognizing Our Patterns

As we’re working to recover, it’s so important that we start to become more aware of our patterns, our thought patterns, emotional responses, behavioral patterns and choices. For much of our lives, we’ve been unaware of our patterns, practicing, continuing and perpetuating them without being conscious of them. Recognizing our patterns is an important partRead More