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4 Ways to Move Past Denial

Working through denial is the first step in successfully seeking help and beginning your journey towards recovery. You cannot work through your struggles until you acknowledge what they are. People experience denial for many different reasons. Everyone is on a unique journey, so you will need to look inside yourself to find the root ofRead More

How Can I Stop Shifting Blame to Others?

There are many reasons why you may blame others instead of acknowledging your own fault under challenging situations. Sometimes the core of our struggles lies deep down below the surface. Reaching out to a mental health professional can be helpful as you begin your journey of better understanding your own mental health issues. As youRead More

4 Benefits of Helping Others

Helping others can have a profoundly positive impact on your mental health. While everyone experiences events and circumstances differently, when someone takes the time to help others, they may notice positive effects in their own life. Here are just a few of the ways you may benefit if you begin to help others more often.Read More

Changing Your Personal Life During Recovery

Everything about your life probably changed when you decided to enter treatment, face your challenges, and embark on your journey of sobriety and mental health discovery. How you processed your behaviors and actions, what you did for fun, even your eating habits all chan as you began to better understand your mental health issues andRead More

The Benefits of Having a Routine in Recovery

So, you have completed treatment; now what? What happens after you step outside of the treatment center doors and enter back into society and freedom? Establishing yourself back at home may take some time. Working to find a routine and maintain it is the key to success. Some people naturally fall into specific routines. TheyRead More

5 Activities to Help Work Through Stress

Everyone experiences stress at some point in their lives. Some people work through the stressful moments and continue on with life without experiencing negative effects. For others, stress begins to impact their daily lives and is incredibly challenging to work through. Learning to work through your stress is an important skill to have. Here areRead More

How to Work Through the Fear of Success

Many people fear failure, not accomplishing their goals, and not succeeding in the life they want. Others fear success. Someone may fear success for many reasons. If fear of success is something you are struggling with, know that you are not alone. Here are a few suggestions to help you work through your fear ofRead More

How to Emotionally Support Someone You Care About

Supporting a loved one who is struggling with a mental health disorder or addiction can be a very stressful time. You cannot solve problems or struggles for your loved ones, but you can support them as they work through their recovery. Here are a few different ways you can show someone support. Offer Help WithRead More

Healthy Ways to End Unhealthy Relationships During Recovery

Relationships are a crucial component of recovery. Everyone needs support. Everyone needs people with whom they feel like they are equal. However, after treatment, you may realize that you have prior relationships with people that are just not healthy for you anymore. Maybe they were someone you participated in risky behaviors with. Or perhaps theyRead More

4 Benefits to Having a Recovery Coach

If you are new to recovery, you may be wondering what happens now that you are done with treatment. Having a connection with someone who has gone through the process already can be a great comfort. You have worked incredibly hard to face your addiction and take on your challenges. Recovery can be a scaryRead More