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Should We Talk About #MeToo At The Holiday Table?

There’s an old saying about keeping religion and politics away from the dinner table. We are taught that the heavier of subjects are meant to be left away from social, polite conversation because where there is heavy conversation there is sure to be heavy conflict. With the current political climate and tensions running high, thereRead More

Eating Disorder Recovery During The Holidays

The idea that a holiday meal could pass without mention of weight, food, or body image, is highly ideal. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is riddled with shame regarding food and body. We’re told to feel ashamed of what we eat and ashamed of how we look, which contributes to a toxic andRead More

What If You Can’t Handle The Holidays?

We’re becoming more and more familiar with this sensation as internet memes and empathized tweets share the sentiment worldwide. Some days, we just can’t. There’s no more energy or motivation left to continue doing whatever it is we have to be doing and bearing the burden of the stress of life. Our self-care has runRead More

Self-Care For Holiday Anxiety

In our previous blog, we discussed the many reasons why anxiety can be at a peak during this time of year due to the buzz of the holiday season. As stress runs high to satisfy all the demands of the holidays, anxiety can also be buzzing due to the stress, and many underlying issues. HolidaysRead More

What If I Relapse During The Holidays?

Spend time in the rooms of recovery support group meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous and you will come to learn that the holidays are an extremely difficult time for people who are in recovery from addictions and alcoholism. Spend time among people in recovery and you will learn that the holidays are an extremely difficult timeRead More

What Are Some Successful Mantras to Boost My Mindset for the Day?

Mindfulness and meditation have become more and more utilized by successful business professionals all over the world, especially in the United States – as we’ve discovered the multitude of benefits that can be derived from mindfulness, we’ve found that our mind (and business) can flourish, too. The Chopra Center defines mantras as phrases that oftenRead More

Being In Trauma Recovery Makes You A More Empathetic Adult

The effects of childhood trauma have been a popular focus of research in recent years. Researchers have found that childhood trauma can have a number of adverse effects: mental illness, propensity toward addiction, physical health problems, and much more. Typically, these studies focus on the negative, possibly problematic effects of trauma in childhood instead ofRead More