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Reconnecting With Your Children After Rehab

Making the choice to go to treatment to face your addiction is a significant decision. It is a choice that affects not only you but also every single person in your family, especially your children. You were brave and strong to decide to get sober and put your health and family first. There is aRead More

How to Live Your Life in Recovery

Living a life in recovery can be amazing. Congratulations on making a huge decision and seeking help for your addiction. You worked hard and faced your challenges. You took the time to learn about your mental health issues and what makes you who you are. Your time in treatment is yours, and you can foreverRead More

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships in Recovery

The relationships you participate in can have a direct impact on your mental health. As you journey through recovery, it is crucial to keep your sobriety in mind as you decide which relationships are healthy to continue post-treatment. Putting your sobriety first can feel overwhelming at times. You will be faced with many choices andRead More

Finding Your Passion After Rehab

A significant part of a long-term recovery plan is to learn about who you are — old traits and new ones. There is a good chance that your addiction took over your life. Every single part of your identity became interconnected with your addiction. Over time you probably forgot a lot about yourself. Now isRead More

Managing Stress and Outside Demands While in Recovery

Congratulations on working through your addiction. You have made the life-changing choice of working through your challenges and facing your addiction head-on. Recovery is a lifelong process, one that can look different for everyone. The hurdles that impact you will be different from the hurdles that affect someone else. While in treatment, you probably spentRead More

How Role Models Benefit the Recovery Process

Having positive and supportive people in your life can help you as you work through recovery. Making that big decision to get help can be scary and overwhelming. However, role models can help with those feelings of uncertainty and fear. When we feel similar to another person, we tend to connect and bond with them.Read More

How Can I Feel Less Judged? 

We have all felt judged at some point in our lives. Even as an adult, it can hurt to feel as if others are judging different aspects of us. Whether it be our looks, clothing, or actions, it can be painful to be judged. Remembering that you can only control your actions may help youRead More

How to Better Acknowledge Your Feelings

Learning to acknowledge your feelings is a significant part of recovery. People often think that if they can bury their feelings deep enough, those feelings will not affect them or their lives. The simple truth is that those feelings you are suppressing probably still affect you and your life even if they may not outwardlyRead More