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Sober Activities to Replace Substance Abuse

When we are in active addiction, we spend a lot of time maintaining our relationship with our drug of choice. Whether it was alcohol, opiates, methamphetamine, or any other variety of drugs out there, our substance abuse stole a tremendous amount of our focus. When we weren’t physically taking in the substance, our thoughts focusedRead More

Healing Thoughts in Recovery

When someone is faced with an illness or surgery, others are quick to say, “Sending thoughts of healing.” This is no different than what you are facing in your recovery. Throughout treatment, you were encouraged to identify people, places, and things that triggered your desire to use substances. Another primary trigger is your thought processRead More

How Will Making Amends Help Me in Recovery?

You have come to the point within your recovery that you are thinking about making amends. However, you are contemplating how this action will help you long term. Making amends is about putting the past behind you and demonstrating to others that you are a changed human being. This new way of life serves youRead More

Expectations for Individual Therapy

The thought of individual therapy may conjure up a variety of assumptions. Most of them may be physical images created by scenes from television or movies. The traditional stereotype is that it involves laying on a leather couch while a therapist sits out of view and writes down everything an individual says while asking themRead More

Coping With Loss in Recovery

Recovery from alcohol and other drugs is a wonderful life experience. Learning to cease destructive behaviors along with substance abuse can lead to a seemingly endless bounty of rewards. Living a life without feeling controlled by self-defeating behaviors allows us to become our best selves. However, being in recovery doesn’t protect us from life’s challenges.Read More

How Can Self-Forgiveness Aid Addiction Recovery?

Self-forgiveness is an extremely powerful practice and tool for addiction recovery. Forgiving yourself is one of the most profound actions you can take on the road to recovery. How Does Self-Forgiveness Work? Psychology Research and Behavior Management defines self-forgiveness as a “cognitive reframing of one’s views of the self.” The way you view yourself shapesRead More

Is It Possible to Rebuild a Burnt Bridge?

In a perfect world, every relationship that you had would thrive, and everyone would get along. However, that does not always happen. You may have heard a popular saying, “Don’t burn bridges.” Regardless of status within your life, you may have been faced with a burnt bridge or two. Don’t fret; you can rebuild aRead More

How Can I Find Employment That Supports My Recovery?

Many people struggle with questions about the status of their employment in recovery. Some people have a job that they will go back to. However, others will have to find work or replace a lost job. Finding employment in recovery can be a new and daunting process, especially when trying to find a job thatRead More

How Do I Stop the Habit of Isolation?

It has been said that the opposite of addiction is connection. While that may be so, you may be experiencing a lack of connection which could lead to isolation from others. You continue to grow within your recovery and identify people, places, and things that trigger unwanted emotions. This is a time for renewal withinRead More

Mental Health Therapy in Recovery: Yay or Nay?

Most people face struggles at some point in their lives. These stressors can be communication difficulties within marriage, stress at work, or problems with a family member. Mental health therapy is important for your overall recovery. No matter if you are struggling with something big or small, it never hurts to talk with someone thatRead More