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5 Helpful Tips to Constructively Confront Those Who Have Hurt You

There are difficult conversations that you cannot ignore, no matter how good you are at avoiding confrontation. Recognizing that the time has come for you to confront those in your life can be overwhelming and exhausting to think about – let alone make a plan and follow through. With every relationship comes a point whereRead More

How to Reprogram Your Mind for Happiness in 60 Days

Did you know it takes about 60 days to reprogram your mind? With the right action plan, you can have a more positive outlook, create new habits, and find lasting success in recovery. Reprogram Your Mind: The 60-Day “Sweet Spot” It’s been repeatedly said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. However,Read More

5 Tips for Travel in Recovery

There are many things that you have to consider when in recovery, and learning how to travel in recovery is no exception. It may be the time when you feel the itch to plan a trip, and you find yourself apprehensive about doing so. Traveling in recovery takes a bit of preparation and strategy. ThisRead More

How Will De-Cluttering the Home Help Me in Recovery?

Sometimes, life is stressful, and other times, it seems that it can be easy. It is all based on your perspective and thought processes. An easy way to relieve stress is to understand how de-cluttering the home can bring peace to your recovery. Stress plays a part in your recovery and can trigger unwanted behaviorsRead More

Which Type of Yoga Is Best for Me?

Yoga is an ancient Eastern practice that has a wide variety of benefits. However, many people feel overwhelmed when they try to practice yoga for the first time. However, starting slowly and researching the different types of yoga will put you on the right track. When you find the right form of yoga for you,Read More

How Can I Maintain Healthy Relationships Despite Unhealthy Dynamics?

Maintaining healthy relationships is one of the staples of recovery. During treatment, you learned the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Unfortunately, just because you are on a path of self-discovery does not mean that others will be changing alongside you. This concept can be challenging if you’re excited about recovery and all the thingsRead More

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem in Recovery

The journey of recovery has many ups and downs. Many people who are seeking better lives for themselves are also faced with feelings of low self-esteem. When you learn how to overcome these feelings, you will be able to move forward with more confidence during your recovery journey. How Low Self-Esteem Impacts Your Life ARead More

Spring Cleaning Your Internal and External Environments for Recovery

Now that you’re in recovery, it’s an excellent time to conduct a thorough spring cleaning. Decluttering both your internal and external environments can help you create space for your new substance-free life and help you reach your goals. The Cycle of Addiction If you’ve experienced substance use disorder (SUD), you may have found that yourRead More

Navigating Attachment Work in Recovery: Cultivating Healthy Relationships and Boundaries

Unhealthy attachment styles and codependency are often present for those in recovery. Attachment work can help with those issues and facilitate lasting healing. When you resolve your attachment issues, you can more easily overcome your struggles, find confidence, and lead a healthy life. The Importance of Attachment Work According to a 2021 research review publishedRead More

Nurturing Personal Growth in Recovery

After years of experiencing trauma or addiction, a significant disconnect can happen within yourself. Nurturing personal growth in recovery can help you rebuild this connection, rediscover life’s joys, and achieve lasting success. The Importance of Personal Growth in Recovery Personal growth, or personal development, is a process that allows you to feel more happy andRead More