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How Individualized Care Can Benefit Your Recovery

The last thing that you are trying to do if you are suffering from trauma or addiction is to be the center of attention when working through your issues. Even if you are unknowingly crying out for help with the behaviors you are displaying, getting treatment, especially individualized care, is probably not something you wouldRead More

Differentiating Between High-Functioning or Addicted

With all the stereotyping that happens when it comes to addiction, there is one stigma that can often slide under the radar. Someone who is high-functioning with their drug or alcohol use may be overlooked due to the success they continue to have in their life. They may own their house, maintain a job, orRead More

Implementing Mindfulness

  Recovery is about striving for your goals while also being open to the changes going on around you. When you’re working toward your recovery goals, it’s a good idea to stay connected with the world. You don’t want to have your head down all of the time because you might miss some important toolsRead More

Tips to Cope with Cravings

When dealing with addiction, you also have to deal with the cravings associated with the vice. Whether you have food cravings, drug or alcohol cravings, or sexual cravings, learning to cope with cravings can be difficult. Cravings can start as a way to numb emotional pain and then turn into a way to get ridRead More

Why Addiction Started Without You Seeing It Coming

The origins of addiction are often misunderstood. Many believe that people drink or use drugs because they cannot handle life and do not care how it affects others. While this may seem to be the case since the characteristics of addiction point to self-centeredness, the truth is that there is more to how addiction startsRead More

Navigating the Difficult Moments

  Trauma recovery isn’t always a straight line. One day you can be sailing smooth, while the next you find yourself struggling to stay afloat. It’s what you do in those difficult moments that says the most about your perseverance. We know it isn’t easy, but it is worth it. Learning how to navigate theRead More

What Are the Stages of Recovering From Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

  While healing from traumatic experiences and PTSD can follow a linear arc, remember that sometimes you may fall back and relapse into another stage. Relapse and regression can occur during a person’s recovery. When facing relapse or regressing, remember the resilience that you have gained throughout your recovery journey. When you recognize the relapse,Read More

Is Avoiding My Pain Harmful for Long-term Recovery From Trauma?

The simple answer is yes: avoiding your pain will not be helpful to recover from traumatic experiences. Healing comes from processing pain, and not from avoiding pain! Avoidance behaviors can have long-term consequences for recovering from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Choosing to avoid the process of healing leads to other issues and canRead More

Ways to Become Independent in Recovery

Addiction and trauma can become all-consuming when your whole life revolves around them. You may not have even realized when you crossed over the imaginary line into the depths of suffering that drugs, alcohol, and your trauma have brought you. Even with all the negativity that these conditions have provided, separating yourself from them canRead More

From Trauma to Growth

The way we handle traumatic events can have a huge impact on our decisions and how we move forward with our lives. On the flip side, the terrible experiences we have been through can also create many positive changes. With help, we can learn to appreciate our lives more as survivors and find a newRead More