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Finding The Willingness To Believe: A Second Step Study

In our last two blog posts, we discussed the tall order of coming to believe in a power greater than ourselves as survivors of trauma. Our relationship to belief is complicated- for many of us, it takes years upon years to even reconcile with the ability to believe that what happened to us even happenedRead More

Breaking Through Denial: A Guide

In our previous Alumni blog, we discussed denial. We took a look at what denial is in a positive light and a negative light. At worst, denial is the way we avoid stepping into transformation. At best, denial is the way we prepare ourselves to step into transformation. What keeps us from stepping up toRead More

Denial: A Guide

Denial is perhaps one of the more quixotic phenomenons which takes place in our mind. Too often, we strictly see denial as something negative or some kind of a deficient default we resort to when we refuse to or find ourselves incapable of coping with a difficult truth. In part, this view on denial isRead More

Do You Need New Support?

In our early years of recovery trauma and various manifestations of trauma, we come to rely on a specific system of support. Along with our clinical team and our peers in treatment, we work to define who and what our support system needs to be and we build it accordingly. Through family therapy, we rebuildRead More