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How Consciousness Is Connected to Substance Abuse Treatment

During substance use recovery, you start making conscious decisions that, over time, rewire the brain. As you develop self-awareness, you gradually learn to live in the present and be comfortable in the ‘now.’ This helps you shift your consciousness which affects decision-making and self-awareness. Slowly, these shifts allow you to become healthy and confident. AsRead More

Choosing the Right Path and Applying Breath Work

Breathwork involves regulating your breathing to help you process your thoughts and reduce stress. Using breathwork in recovery is an important skill because it can help you understand the root of triggering thoughts. Breathwork offers you a healthy way to navigate stressful situations. What Are the Benefits of Breathwork? When you become stressed, your breathingRead More

Do I Need Group Therapy?

The prospect of talking in front of strangers may make you rethink joining a group therapy session. However, the benefits you gain from joining others and sharing your story are immeasurable. A large part of belonging to a group of like-minded people is finding the support and community you need to mend your mind-body connection.Read More

Why Victories Matter With IOP

Finishing detox and moving into an intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a very exciting time full of new challenges and new beginnings. Further, working within and understanding an IOP requires work and takes time. It also requires help from professionals and peers. While navigating the IOP process, it is important to set achievable goals andRead More

Self-Commitment in a 90 Day Recovery Program

Entering into a 90-day recovery program can be an intimidating thought. It is a big commitment that will take hard work to complete. Remember, nothing in life worth doing is easy. With some planning, motivation, and self-commitment, you can develop the accountability to complete a 90-day recovery program. What Are the Benefits of a 90-DayRead More

Identifying Healthy Patterns With Practical Sleeping Habits

If you have a substance use disorder (SUD), it can be common to experience disruptions in your sleep patterns. Even after seeking treatment, you may experience poor sleeping habits due to long-term substance use. Although, there are effective things that you can do to improve the duration and quality of your sleep. Sleep and RecoveryRead More

Looking Past Failure While in Recovery

Do you have a tendency to equate failing with a painful ending or a mistake? Sadly, this kind of thinking will set you up to view yourself in a negative way and diminishes your self-esteem. The idea of failure should not be viewed as something negative; instead, failure should be seen as a new beginning.Read More

What Are Random Acts of Kindness?

Kindness matters. What you say and do for others can impact their lives. The compliment you gave to a stranger may have made a difference in how they see themselves. No one knows how a small gesture or kind word can change a person’s perspective. Since being kind to someone isn’t that hard, should youRead More

What Are the Signs of Pink Cloud Syndrome?

The early stages of recovery include feelings of happiness and hope. You’re new to recovery and feel confident in maintaining your sobriety. This period is called pink clouding. You’re in the recovery honeymoon phase. What Is Pink Clouding? When you finish substance addiction treatment (or detoxification) and begin your recovery, you feel great. You can’tRead More

Being a Service to Others in Trauma Treatment Recovery

It is not unusual for someone who has suffered a traumatic experience to struggle with addiction. Trauma can lead to alcoholism or drug abuse, particularly trauma that stems from childhood. Further, trauma causes long-term adverse effects on people unless it is treated. Peer Support Peer support can play a positive role in trauma-informed and substanceRead More