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Should I Power Through or Rest?

Understanding your mind and body is a powerful thing. There is a big difference between “I’m tired” versus “I just do not want to.” Knowing when to let yourself rest is important. However, sometimes we need a little push not to make excuses. If you struggle with your mental health, this can be a very challengingRead More

How Can I Overcome My Fear of Rehab?

For many people, the idea of going to rehab stops them in their tracks. They want to move forward and begin to heal, but they are afraid to take that big step of entering rehab. The need to work through this fear is essential. You can change your life for the better. Here are aRead More

What Is a Vision Board?

Some people find creative projects helpful while working on their mental health. One such project that many find useful in creating a vision board. A vision board is something that can be wholly unique to you. You can use a large poster board, canvas, or simply paper. Then you can use old magazines or newspapers toRead More

Addicted to the Drama of Addiction

It takes a lot to work through active addiction. First, you had to acknowledge that you had a problem and take steps to reach out for help. Then you had to work through your past, your addiction, trauma, and mental health issues. As you have probably already discovered, the work for most people does not endRead More

Fighting Shame During Recovery

Many of us think that once we are leading a sober life, everything will be perfect. We will be happy, healthy, successful, even powerful. We may believe that once we take that first sober step leaving treatment, the stigma we once faced will be gone, and no one will judge us anymore. Unfortunately, that isRead More

Leaning on Others to Gain More Independence

Independent living, moving out, obtaining a job, and meeting everyday life responsibilities are just a few milestones many attribute to leading a successful life as an adult. For many of us struggling with mental health issues or addiction, tasks that come easy for some are significant hurdles for us. Some things seem frightening or uncertain,Read More

The Surprising Benefits of Mindful Cooking

You have probably heard of “mindful eating,” defined as staying in the moment and taking in what you feel as you eat. But have you heard of mindful cooking? Mindful cooking is staying in the moment during the entire cooking process. Just like mindful eating, mindful cooking can help us develop a deeper relationship withRead More