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Finding Self-Respect

Learning to have self-respect and to love yourself can be a challenge that almost everyone faces at some point in their life. We have all had moments where we doubt our worth or cannot seem to appreciate our value. For those suffering from addiction or mental health issues, finding self-respect can be a great challenge.Read More

Staying Active Through The Winter

The winter months bring long periods of night and cold temperatures, and it can be very tempting to hunker down in a comfortable blanket with a warm drink. This cozy environment is a staple image of the season. However, staying active is still an important part of maintaining a healthy physical and mental state. WhetherRead More

Finding What Self-Care Means to You

The term “self-care” is used a lot through recovery from both addiction and trauma alike. Many programs will introduce a number of common and effective practices, such as taking a walk, engaging in sport, or watching a movie, in order to engage with one’s own self-care. This is all in an effort to maintain aRead More

Breaking Through Physical Walls in Recovery

Recovery is a very isolating experience. The feeling that a person may not be understood by their own peers, or that they are feeling guilt or shame related to their trauma, can all cause them to constantly feel like they are on the defensive. This feeling can even take a physical form as a personRead More

How Do You Focus on the True Meaning of Recovery?

The phrase “progress, not perfection” does not mean that you should not strive to be your best. The point is that perfection is a goal that is too high. This is because the meaning varies based on the individual and is usually a set of unattainable standards. Remember, nobody is perfect, and identifying your characterRead More

How Do You Write Your Own Recovery Success Story?

The power of writing can prove essential when it comes to your recovery. Writing helps you to let go of restrained thoughts and emotions to help you free and express yourself. Additionally, it has been shown effective for many difficulties, such as mental illnesses, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders. The power of writingRead More

The Impact of a Single Act of Service

Acts of service can be a very powerful tool through recovery. Simple actions done for others can carry a lot of impact, both for an individual in recovery who is performing the act, as well as for those on the receiving end. Making a habit of doing a single act of service on a dailyRead More

Practicing Qigong During Quarantine

It may not seem like science, but the way we breathe has an impact on the way our bodies function. The increased flow of oxygen to our brain and cells can stimulate the autonomic nervous system, the part of our nervous systems that acts “subconsciously” to maintain processes in our circulatory or respiratory systems, amongRead More

“Looking on the Bright Side” Isn’t Easy

“Cheer up,” or “look on the bright side,” are expressions that may be all too common for those suffering from traumatic experiences, anxiety, depression, or any of the co-occurring mental health disorders related to an addiction to drugs or alcohol. While statements like these can be considered good sentiments, it is also incredibly difficult toRead More

Media as an Emotional Catalyst

Movies, television shows, music, and video games are all important entertainment industries that can help a person pass time and enjoy themselves. However, they can also be used as a tool that holds therapeutic value. Directors, musicians, and video game developers all put a lot of work and emotion into their products, each with theRead More