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Can I Quit On My Own?

Our Resistance to Getting Help Our first approach to getting sober is usually to do it on our own. We’re hesitant to try rehab or to get professional help. We might be afraid to put ourselves through the demanding, challenging work of recovery. The delusion that we’re not really addicts at all can lead usRead More

A Shift in Our Values 

Our Priorities Change When we’re embroiled in our addictive patterns, we tend to prioritize our addictions over everything else in our lives. Our values and priorities shift. What we care about changes. We’re putting the most important things and people in our lives on the back-burner so that we can focus on doing whatever weRead More

Achieving Clarity in Sobriety

A huge part of recovering from our addictions is figuring out why we want to get better, what we want to change about ourselves and our lives. For many of us, a major reason why we’re working toward sobriety is that we want to finally feel clear. We want to be able to remember thingsRead More

Radical Self-Acceptance and Its Role in Recovery

As we work to recover, our lack of self-acceptance can cause us to believe that we’re incapable and undeserving of recovery. We may hate and reject ourselves because we’re addicts and feel ashamed of our addictions. When we’re self-hating, we often don’t know how important it is that we learn to accept ourselves. We don’tRead More

Emotional Blocks in Recovery and How to Break Through Them

Sometimes as we’re working to recover, there are emotions that block our healing and impede our recovery. We might not think of our emotions as being powerful enough to block our attempts at recovery, but emotions are very significant parts of our lives. They are strong forces that can direct our energy and ultimately alterRead More

I Am

When it comes to conscious manifestation, two of the most powerful words in the universe are “I am.” When we speak these words, we’re not only speaking what we want into existence, we’re embodying and becoming what we want to be, and we’re creating the lives we want for ourselves. We are always manifesting, everyRead More

Pushing Ourselves Too Hard

Seeking Redemption As we’re working to recover, we can struggle to know how hard to work, how hard to push ourselves, when to ease up on ourselves and give ourselves a break. We’ve been feeling so down on ourselves about our struggles with addiction that we want to push ourselves to do as well asRead More

Our Expectations Around Recovery

Limiting and Unrealistic Expectations As we’re working to change our addiction stories, and therefore our lives, we often have all kinds of expectations around our recovery that can end up being limiting and detrimental to our healing. When we have rigid expectations, it’s often because we’re experiencing fear – fear of losing control, fear ofRead More

What Happens When We Feel Unfulfilled

The Emptiness We Feel Feeling unfulfilled in our lives can be a major contributing factor in our addictive patterns, and can serve as a trigger for relapse. When we’re unfulfilled, we feel devoid of purpose. We feel as though life has no meaning, as though we have no reason for living. We can question ourRead More

The Elusive Search for an Instant Cure in Recovery

One of the things that can trip us up in our recovery is wanting a quick fix, an immediate cure, an overnight resolution to a years-long problem. Our addictions have been plaguing us for much of our lives. Expecting that we’ll recover instantly and have all of our problems solved right away is unrealistic. We’reRead More