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How Can I Become More Comfortable With My Diagnosis?

Receiving a mental health diagnosis can be helpful because it gives you a name for everything you have been experiencing. The diagnosis can also help validate what you are going through. A mental health professional can acknowledge what you have said and confirm that you are, in fact, going through all of the symptoms youRead More

4 Fears That Keep People Out of Therapy

People fear going to therapy for many different reasons. So often, people know they would benefit from therapy, yet specific fears hold them back from stepping forward and seeking the support they need. If you are fearful of therapy, know that you are not alone. While it may be a big step to acknowledge andRead More

Can Owning a Pet Help You Work Through Trauma?

Experiencing trauma can affect every area of a person’s life. Working through trauma with your therapist can, at times, feel draining. If you are currently working through trauma, you may be wondering what else you can do to focus on your healing and move towards your goals. Having a pet can be very helpful. OwningRead More

How to Know When Substance Use Turns to Substance Abuse

Knowing when your substance use has turned to abuse can be essential to your mental and physical health. If you know when you are experiencing an addiction, you can work towards deciding to seek help for that addiction. You do not need to face challenges alone. Working with a mental health professional can help youRead More

How Do I Support a Friend Who Refuses to Seek Therapy?

Having a loved one struggling with addiction or mental illness can be challenging and feel overwhelming. You desperately want to help them and maybe even solve their problems for them. Sadly, you cannot solve their problems. What you can do, however, is support them through their recovery process. If you have a loved one whoRead More

4 Signs It Is Time to Seek Therapy

Deciding to seek support in the form of therapy is a huge decision. It can be slightly nerve-racking to open up to a complete stranger and delve into your personal struggles. You may even wonder if therapy is the right option for what you are experiencing. Find comfort in the fact that everyone is onRead More

How Can I Overcome Childhood Trauma?

Childhood trauma can have a profound impact on your adult life and your mental health. At times, it can be challenging to fully see and understand how something from childhood could still affect your life as an adult. Trauma needs to be acknowledged and worked through. As you begin to work through your trauma, hereRead More

How Can I Overcome My Fear of Opening up to My Therapist?

Going to therapy can be a fantastic experience that can impact every area of your life. Working to better understand your mental health issues, addiction, or trauma can be a huge step to take. One aspect of therapy that often makes people nervous is the idea of opening up to the therapist about what theyRead More

Tips for Managing Seasonal Depression

The winter months can be a time of year that many people struggle with the most. Seasonal depression is very real and disrupts entire lives if not understood and worked through. If you think you are struggling with seasonal depression, the first step to take is to reach out to a mental health professional. ARead More

Do I Have to Let My Family Visit During Treatment?

Treatment can be an amazing time filled with exploration, education, and growth. It can also be a time filled with worries and questions. Some people in treatment may be wondering whether or not their family can come and visit. Others may be wondering if they have to let their family members come and see them.Read More