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Staying on Track with Our Recovery Goals

The recovery process is a massive undertaking in which we’re tested mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We’re healing wounds that have been with us for much of our lives. We’re facing deeply rooted fears many of which have been with us since childhood. We’re learning how to retrain our minds and forming new thought patterns,Read More

How is Our Lack of Purpose Connected to Our Addictions?

For many of us living with addiction, the source of pain we’re most trying to avoid and escape with our drugs of choice is the pain around not knowing our purpose and not feeling fulfilled in our lives. Our lack of purpose, direction and fulfillment can be extremely depressing for us. It can make usRead More

Pessimism in Our Recovery

We might think of pessimism as a harmless attribute. We all know crotchety people who complain, catastrophize and expect the worst, who predict people’s downfall, who don’t feel hopeful about the future, and who are generally negative. We might not think of pessimism as being all that serious, and we don’t usually associate it withRead More

Learning to Have Acceptance for Ourselves and Our Addictions

For many of us who struggle with addiction, we are often challenged to think about things differently in order to heal ourselves, to develop a new mindset around both our illness and our recovery, and to approach our journey with a new perspective. We are often filled with so much fear and resistance around ourRead More

Our Culture of Shaming Addicts

We have a cultural tendency to stigmatize addiction and to shame individual addicts for the illnesses they’re struggling with. We perpetuate stereotypes that addicts are criminals, that they’re immoral people who use their addictions as an excuse to do bad things. We associate all addicts with being people we look down upon, people that getRead More

What Does an Existential Crisis Feel Like?

If you’re struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Many of us who struggle with addiction and mental health issues find ourselves facing what is often described as an existential crisis. More than just an ordinary crisis where we’re dealing with difficult life circumstances, complex situations and toughRead More

Understanding Our Life Cycles

When we begin to explore our life stories in more depth, we start to discover the cycles and patterns we’ve been perpetuating over the years, many of them unconsciously. Our mental health issues tend to affect us in cycles. For example, our depressions can be recurring and can follow certain patterns that we begin toRead More

How Does Our Inner Child Become Wounded?

When we’re doing the inner work to heal ourselves and recover from our addictions and mental health issues, one of the most important elements of our healing is working with our wounded inner child. We often don’t realize consciously how our inner child became wounded in the first place. We know we have unresolved issuesRead More

Learning to Trust Again

Our experiences with addiction and mental illness often bring with them tumultuous relationships full of toxicity, conflict and turmoil. We have unhealthy and abusive relationships, often with other addicts. The ways in which we’ve been hurt can cause us to totally lose our ability to trust people. We’re wary of confiding in people. We don’tRead More