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The Benefits of Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations refer to the act of telling yourself positive things about yourself–in other words, giving yourself compliments. You may tell yourself how smart you are, how well you are doing something, or how capable you are of achieving a goal. Learning to use positive affirmations can be a beneficial therapeutic tool to practice whileRead More

The Benefits of Social Interest

Social interest is a term used in Adlerian psychology to describe a person’s connectivity to their society. How is a person connected to the society they live in? Do they participate in events? Do they have an interest in the people around them? Do they feel like an equal to those around them? Alfred AdlerRead More

Does Trauma Destabilize Us?

Trauma can impact every part of us. It can affect our relationships, our employment, what we enjoy in life, or even what we are scared of.  Trauma has the ability to change everything if we let it and control every aspect of our lives. Traumatic experiences have the ability to push us towards risky behaviorRead More

Handling Your Inner Critic

Everyone has an inner critic. We have all had moments where that critic was booming loud, telling us we were not smart enough, good enough, pretty enough, or capable enough. When faced with challenging situations, that critic can flare up, filling us with doubt and fear. It is easy to give into that critic, believingRead More

The Harm in Comparing Yourself to Others

Everyone has a little competitor in them. We want to win the big game, the gym class race, or the art competition. We have been conditioned to compare ourselves to others from a very young age. Most of the time it is harmless to compare yourself to others or compete in a game. Most ofRead More

Why Do You Self-Sabotage?

When struggling with mental health issues or addiction, we may find ourselves self-sabotaging situations for many different reasons. Ultimately this is something we need to work on to have a successful recovery and a healthy life. Self-sabotage should not be a part of a normal day, and learning to work through our challenges is key.Read More

Learning to Forgive

Forgiveness can be challenging for everyone. Whether we are forgiving something small another person did, or something more internal, it can be a process. Few of us simply forgive easily and move on with life. It takes time to get over whatever happened, and it is a process to fully feel okay with forgiveness. WhenRead More

Can I Change My Impulsivity?

Impulsivity is not something that you can simply turn off if you do not want it anymore. To change being impulsive, you would need to change the way you think. Changing the way we think is a big challenge, especially for those suffering from past trauma. Trying to cope with past trauma can lead individualsRead More

Understanding Our Addiction

When faced with an addiction, we are typically consumed with the daily challenges of trying to survive. We may think about how we are feeling in the moment, the choices we are making, or who we are surrounding ourselves with. A lot of the time, however, we fail to look deeper. We fail to digRead More

Why Do We Seek Numbness?

Everyone uses substances for a reason. We are all trying to cope in our own ways. For some of us, we use substances as a means to feel numbness–a feeling of haze, of nothingness, of emptiness. Sometimes life gets very heavy and burdensome. The numbness can be a release of the heaviness and a wayRead More