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In What Ways Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Assist Those with Substance Use Disorders?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of therapy that helps individuals change destructive thought patterns and guide them towards more positive, productive ones. Many people who have gone through substance abuse either started in order to self-medicate painful feelings or have developed symptoms of a mental illness due to their substance use; CBT hasRead More

What Do I Need to Know about Personality Disorders?

Personality disorders affect approximately 31 million Americans total, and involve a variety of disorders including obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder (BPD, histrionic personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and more. Each type of personality disorder is based on a set of symptoms that could range in intensity; if you believe you may have aRead More

Can Helping Others Benefit Your Mental Health?

Our holistic health consists of the mind, body, and spirit. They are all connected to one another, and if one is out of balance, the others will be impacted as well. Think about the last time felt stressed – did you soon get a headache after, or feel tired after you started thinking more andRead More

Can Mindfulness Help with Mood Swings?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a mood disorder, you can likely relate to the unpredictability that each day brings. Intense highs or intense lows can affect nearly every aspect of life, making work, social relationships, and general functioning quite challenging at times. Thankfully, there are several effective strategies that can be used for treating moodRead More

Don’t Let Isolation Creep Into Your Recovery

Maya Angelou once said, “I think we all have empathy. We may not have enough courage to display it.” Empathy is the foundation of human connection which allows us to recognize and identify with one another. Our ability to have empathy toward one another is our ability to be human toward one another and seeRead More

How Can Meditation Improve My Well-being?

Millions of people all around the world practice meditation; in fact, Time Magazine highlights that 9.9% of Americans practice meditation, compared to 8% in 2002. Meditation is an ancient practice that originated in China and India. The goal of meditation is to connect with our essential nature – many people find daily living difficult becauseRead More

Mindlessness to Mindfulness: 3 Things We Need to Remember This Holiday Season

Sang H. Kim, author of the book titled “Mindful Movement: Mastering Your Hidden Energy” stated, “The ultimate experience of being mindful occurs when we forget about everything, even the mindful self and doing. In that mode we are full of energy, utterly self-generated.”  Have you ever heard of the phrase, “running on auto-pilot”? Perhaps you canRead More

What Do You Need to Practice Self-Care?

When you think of self-care, what comes to mind? Self-care is a popular buzzword right now, as more and more people are beginning to realize just how much of a positive impact self-care has on one’s life. Up until this point, what have you done for self-care? There are so many different things you canRead More