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Who Is Best Suited for the Guest House’s Day/Night Outpatient Program?

Recovery is not a linear journey. Once you leave treatment, there’s still work to do as you integrate all the lessons learned. For those who have been struggling with addiction, mental health, or trauma for any amount of time, it’s important to have a bridge between treatment and ongoing recovery. The day/night outpatient program atRead More

The Connection Between Trauma and Disordered Eating

Millions of Americans are affected by an eating disorder at some point in their lifetime. This dangerous, self-destructive behavior can have many root causes, but trauma is the most common. When you understand the connection between trauma and disordered eating, you can begin the healing process. What Is an Eating Disorder? According to the NationalRead More

Creating a Bridge: Conscious Connected Breathwork

The journey of recovery can be challenging. Traditional therapies alone can leave people feeling uninspired, with a void between their mental, physical, and spiritual energies. Conscious connected breathwork is an excellent tool to bridge this gap. This modality allows you to ground yourself and heal your mind, body, and soul together as one. What IsRead More

Grieving the Person You Were Before Trauma

  Trauma can drastically change how you think, feel, and appear in the world. It’s very common to grieve for the person you were before trauma. This cycle of grief is entirely normal. However, with the right tools, you can find deep inner healing and rediscover your purpose in the world. The Cycle of GriefRead More

How to Participate in Art Therapy When You Aren’t an Artist

Treating addiction involves several different treatment modalities and approaches. Experiential methods, like art therapy, can go a long way in recovery. Even if you’re not an artist, you can still participate in art therapy. This modality is a unique way to express yourself through your healing journey. What Is Art Therapy? Art therapy has becomeRead More

Understanding Attachment Styles

Understanding attachment styles can be an important step toward healing on your journey to recovery. The attachments you form in early life can have a profound impact on how you function now. As noted in a 2015 article from Current Opinion in Psychology, the attachment styles you form can shape your physiological stress responses asRead More

The Impact of the News on Mental Health and Trauma Recovery

The 24-hour news media cycle makes it difficult to ignore negative events going on in the world. The impact of the news can be especially harmful to an individual in mental health or trauma recovery. With the right tools, you can find relief from this type of stress and enjoy success in your healing journey.Read More

Ways to Avoid Re-Traumatizing Yourself in Recovery

Trauma is not something you can undo or pretend has not impacted the way you think, feel, and move through the world. For example, if you have experienced sexual abuse, you may feel an overwhelming amount of stress in situations such as undergoing a medical exam or changing clothes in a dressing room. Thus, yourRead More

From Surviving to Thriving: Making the Most Out of Recovery

Recovery is about transforming yourself into the person you wish to be. The process involves exploring different crevices of your life you were once hesitant to explore. Embracing your potential for change and keeping an open mind about how these changes will affect your life is essential within the recovery process. Throughout the recovery process,Read More