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The Allure Of Drugs

The very word “drugs” comes with a negative connotation to anyone who hasn’t done them or been addicted to them. To the few who have taken drugs in their lifetime, abused them, or been addicted to them, the word means something different. Here, we mean drugs as in illicit, illegal drugs, the kind that theyRead More

How Can People In Recovery Manage Depression Post Holidays?

The holidays are often a let-down for many people who are struggling with recovery already. Perhaps they experienced conflict with family or were seeking support when they got met with a cold shoulder. It is never easy to walk into family functions where there is no certainty of triggers and cravings staying away or peopleRead More

Signs And Symptoms Of A Black Sheep In The Family

Family dynamics come in all shapes and sizes. Each family member plays and fulfills a specific role, one of which is “the Black Sheep”. If you believe you or someone in your family is struggling with the psychological and emotional trauma of being the black sheep, look for these signs and symptoms. There is someoneRead More

How Does Rehab Affect a Person’s Emotions?

People all have different personalities and are going to show them at some point. Whether they are angry, sad, frustrated, tired, or any other range of emotions, it is hard to be around someone who is up and down and all over the place emotionally. This is why it makes it hard to deal withRead More

Appetite For Destruction: Trauma Starvation

In our recent blog post, we talked about the void trauma leaves behind and how we can find ourselves on an endless quest to fill that void. We can find ourselves in addictions of all kinds and other problematic behaviors. We can find ourselves with mood disorders, personality disorders, and health problems we don’t feelRead More

Stress Hormones And Trauma: The Response Starts In Utero

Recently, we discussed how trauma can start in the womb. The fetus absorbs everything experienced by the mother including her emotional states. Research in recent years has found that the fetus absorbs more than emotions, but the chemical reactions emotions can produce in the body and vice versa. Stress is more than an emotional experience.Read More