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How Do You Celebrate Your Uniqueness?

There is a term in recovery often used when someone is trying to look for differences rather than similarities and lives in self-pity with the mindset that they are the one who has been dealt with the harshest consequences. “Terminal uniqueness” can hold a person back from being able to relate to others because theyRead More

Hiding From Experiences: Acknowledging Our Pain

When first learning to manage and treat our trauma, we may feel unacknowledged in our pain. We may feel that we cannot speak up about our experiences. While our trauma experience is unique and personal, the experience of trauma is more universal than we may believe. As we engage in the treatment, we may meetRead More

Return to Your Roots

Too many people spent too much time staring  at screens and scrolling aimlessly. What are you looking for? When will you stop scrolling? You might not think that technology has an impact on your mental health, but it does. This impact isn’t always a positive one, either. Continue reading to learn more about how puttingRead More

Grounding Ourselves With Sensory Activities

Trauma can leave us feeling like we are disconnected from the world around us. We may feel like we are numb to everything around us. Sensory activities can help to ground us back in reality when we are feeling disengaged from the moment. Our senses are powerful and we can use them as a meansRead More

How Does Rejection Trigger My PTSD?

Life can be harsh at times, and one of the most detrimental feelings that one can experience is rejection. There is a broad range of ways for how people come to feel rejected. There are some large scale developmental examples, such as being adopted as a child or feeling as though a sibling received moreRead More

Trauma Affects Our Ability to Feel Safe

Traumatic events can alter the functioning of our brains and central nervous systems. The lingering effects of a traumatic experience can create the feeling that we are not safe. This feeling of a lack of safety and security begins to carry over into other areas of life. We may feel this way all the time,Read More

Trauma and Process Addictions

Many people are familiar with addictions that involve substances, such as alcohol or drugs. What isn’t as widely discussed are process addictions. Process addictions are defined as an addiction to certain behaviors, such as gambling, gaming, shopping, or sex. Individuals with process addictions engage in the behavior for the positive feelings that come with theRead More

The Grieving Process: Honoring Our Experiences

Grief is a way of honoring the painful experiences and losses that we have encountered in our lives. We may have lost a loved one or experienced a change in life that feels like a loss. Processing grief can help us acknowledge the important roles that people and things have played in our lives. EveryoneRead More

What If I Am Not Yet Ready to Deal My Trauma?

Everyone deals with trauma in different ways because everyone’s trauma is specific to their individual circumstances. There are many reasons for trauma to occur that can stem from an illness, an accident, a relationship that involves mental or physical abuse, a natural disaster, death, or other awful scenarios that will not just go away withRead More