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Accepting the Challenge

Are you thinking of accepting the challenge of recovery? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Recovery is a great place to be. Nothing is more important than your physical and mental health. In recovery, you’re able to nurture your complete health and make sure you are making the best decisions in all areasRead More

Patience Is a Virtue

We’ve all heard the saying, “Patience is a virtue.” It’s been said so many times that it’s considered a cliché. It’s actually true, however. There’s a sense of strength in patience, in the ability to slow down. This is especially true during recovery. Recovery can be a long and winding road, and you can’t rushRead More

How Do I Find the Right Kind of Therapy for Me?

Now that you are on a mission to recover from drugs and alcohol, you may benefit significantly from choosing the right type of therapy. With all the therapy choices in today’s world, you may be confused about where to start. Maybe you want to try something other than talk therapy to see what will happen,Read More

Movies are More than Entertainment

While going to the cinema or renting a movie at home are definitely enjoyable pastimes geared towards entertaining people, the cinema plays another role as a method of expressing art. Movies can live or die on their memorable characters more than the spectacle of an explosion. These characters can prove invaluable when going through treatmentRead More

Why Do I Feel Like A Raw Nerve Now That I Am Sober?

Navigating through life sober can feel unbearable at times. When you took away the drugs and alcohol, you basically left yourself stripped of any way to cope, and afraid of what comes next. These mixed emotions can cause you to feel like a raw nerve without any protection against things that come your way. TheRead More

Reconnecting With Reality

Experiencing a panic attack is a surreal experience. Reality breaks away as the logic in one’s mind gives in to fear. No matter how absurd a notion may feel, a person in panic acts as if it is undeniably there, presenting an unfathomable danger. As reality becomes uncertain, it is essential to find a wayRead More

What Are Your “Yets”?

When you start attending recovery meetings, you may believe you are nothing like other people in A.A. Instead of seeing the similarities, you tend to harp on the differences. To look at others with disbelief or doubt their experiences might be a mistake. You should hear what they have to say. If their stories seemRead More

Feeling Better with Food

When someone is suffering from anxiety or depression, regardless of the source, there can be a directionless need to do something to feel better. The idea of stress eating is a common one, but there is a way to use that to one’s own advantage. When stress eating, it is tempting to go for allRead More

How Does Meditation Work?

  For centuries, meditative practices have assisted people in encountering spiritual clarity and an altered state of consciousness. Meditation was initially considered an Eastern religious tradition, which caused many Americans to turn their nose up at these New Age practices. In the 2000s, more people have become open-minded. They have started their own meditation practicesRead More

Helping Without Hurting

The second that someone realizes that a loved one is in need, whether it be help for addiction, mental health, trauma, or any mental or behavioral issues, it can be tempting to jump right in and try to help immediately. Wait-and-see tactics have their own detriments, but jumping in to try to help without properlyRead More