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Is Leaving the Office Early Healthy?

Let’s make play a priority. Take a break from work, grab a friend, or go alone and have fun. Too often, adults forget that life isn’t all about work, obligations, and expectations. It’s time to remind yourself why playing is good for you. I Can’t Take Time Off From Work, Right? The opportunity to letRead More

How Consciousness Is Connected to Substance Abuse Treatment

During substance use recovery, you start making conscious decisions that, over time, rewire the brain. As you develop self-awareness, you gradually learn to live in the present and be comfortable in the ‘now.’ This helps you shift your consciousness which affects decision-making and self-awareness. Slowly, these shifts allow you to become healthy and confident. AsRead More

How Do I Rebuild My Life After Treatment?

The day you woke up tired of feeling ill, engaging in self-defeating behaviors, or hurting yourself and others is the day you begin to change. Change happens when a voice or a feeling deep inside takes hold of your conscious and steers you to become a healthier version of yourself. The decision to change everythingRead More

Goals Prevent Sabotage in Recovery!

Long-term recovery must have both short- and long-term goals in place for ongoing success. Goals act as a roadmap to your future of health and happiness. Therefore, setting goals will encourage long-term sobriety and avoid relapse. Why Are Goals Important? Goals are what motivate you and keep you accountable. Without goals, you may lack directionRead More

Deciding How to Get Support and Establish Quality Relationships

Understanding what makes a relationship healthy instead of unhealthy is essential during recovery. During active drug use, you likely surrounded yourself with toxic people that enabled your substance use. Therefore, you have to unlearn many ways of thinking and learn what is healthy and what will help you grow. Such efforts will require building aRead More

Nutrition, Sleep, and Revitalization for Long-Term Recovery

A healthy lifestyle is key to recovery. Paying attention to how you eat, sleep, and take care of yourself can help you maintain a focus on your health and well-being in all aspects of life. The habits that go into a healthy lifestyle are a few simple ways you can increase your chances of successRead More

Choosing the Right Path and Applying Breath Work

Breathwork involves regulating your breathing to help you process your thoughts and reduce stress. Using breathwork in recovery is an important skill because it can help you understand the root of triggering thoughts. Breathwork offers you a healthy way to navigate stressful situations. What Are the Benefits of Breathwork? When you become stressed, your breathingRead More

Do I Need Group Therapy?

The prospect of talking in front of strangers may make you rethink joining a group therapy session. However, the benefits you gain from joining others and sharing your story are immeasurable. A large part of belonging to a group of like-minded people is finding the support and community you need to mend your mind-body connection.Read More

Why Victories Matter With IOP

Finishing detox and moving into an intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a very exciting time full of new challenges and new beginnings. Further, working within and understanding an IOP requires work and takes time. It also requires help from professionals and peers. While navigating the IOP process, it is important to set achievable goals andRead More