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How Can You Find Your Inner Child?

Everyone’s inner child is different. The simple happiness, no stress, and peaceful calm that children tend to easily find seems to dwindle as we grow older and enter adulthood. Finding your inner child again can help you get through tough times and persevere towards your goals. If you find yourself in a rut, try toRead More

Navigating Anxiety Post-Pandemic

Anxiety can feel all-consuming and can affect every single area of a person’s life. More than ever, people are experiencing a sense of anxiety in the reopening of society following the pandemic. You can now go to an amusement park, hop on a plane, or head to a waterpark. While for many people, this isRead More

How Can You Learn to Feel More Significant?

When you struggle to feel significant, it can greatly affect your life. Feeling insignificant can increase isolation, affect your self-confidence, and stifle your growth. Learning to find significance is essential when working on mental health issues and overall well-being. However, it can be challenging for those struggling with mental health issues or addiction. Reaching outRead More

Ridding Yourself of a Negative Mindset 

Having negativity plague your mind can impact every area of your life. If you struggle with mental health issues, you may also find yourself struggling to work through your negativity and understand where it is coming from. Often, your thoughts are connected to many different emotions. Sometimes those connections get lost below the surface, andRead More

How Can You Learn to Ask for Help?

Asking for help is a crucial life skill that many people struggle with. Why is it so hard to ask for help? Why do we feel as if we need to be able to handle everything on our own? Learning to ask for help is necessary, especially if you find yourself struggling with addiction orRead More

How to Be More Honest With Yourself

Learning to be honest with yourself regardless of the situation is essential and beneficial to the recovery journey. You cannot grow if you are not honest. Often it can feel easier to push your difficult emotions down. Many people think that if you simply don’t acknowledge your struggles, they will go away. Sadly, that isRead More

How Can You Overcome Your Fear of Leadership?

For some people, stepping into a leadership role is natural; they instantly step forward, and others instinctively follow. For others, leadership does not come as naturally. Leadership is a terrific quality to have, and it is perfectly okay if you struggle with developing your leadership ability. Past trauma can affect you when taking on aRead More

Acknowledging Your Addiction to Move Towards Recovery

Facing addiction is scary. It can feel overwhelming and uncertain. You may even feel it is easier to simply not acknowledge it. However, to begin your journey of healing and recovery, you must first admit that you are struggling with addiction. Accepting that you have an addiction can be difficult, and it is a uniqueRead More

How Can You Overcome Procrastination?

Everyone procrastinates at one point or another in life. We all face tasks and challenges that we simply keep pushing back day after day. We procrastinate on homework, household tasks, facing our challenges, and tackling projects. If you struggle with procrastination, know that you are not alone in this challenge. If you are working towardsRead More

Putting a Stop to Blaming Others

The pattern of blaming others can be dangerous. When you constantly blame others, it can hinder growth, stifle learning, and impact relationships. If something goes wrong, try to think of it as a learning experience. Being able to acknowledge and learn from your mistakes is a necessary skill to have in life. This skill mayRead More