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How Do I Start Meditating If I’m Afraid of Meditating?

Arguments have been made that mindfulness meditation, the gentle act of tuning into one’s own thoughts, feelings, environment, and sensory experiences, could be upsetting for people who are living in recovery from trauma. A generous amount of science proves, however, that mindful meditation, among other relaxation practices, are beneficial in positively changing brain chemistry forRead More

Lessons From Horses

Equine therapy is gaining renown for being a beneficial modality to those recovering from trauma and the many coping mechanisms associated with trauma. Especially in those with PTSD, interacting with horses can provide comfort, build trust and confidence, as well as forge an intimate friendship unlike any other. Patience Horses have to be patient withRead More

Making The Decision To Seek Treatment

How is it that we come to make a decision to seek treatment for ourselves when we have struggled in our lives? Most characterize the moment of one as surrender, willingness, and acceptance. Concurrently, we surrender to and accept the fact that we are not capable of healing our problem to the degree that isRead More

Love Addiction: Chasing a Fantasy

We thrive on fantasy. Fantasy lives are marketed to us in every area that they can be. We are sold the ideals on the perfect body, the perfect hair, the perfect partner, the perfect date, the perfect romance, the perfect relationship, the perfect proposal, the perfect marriage, the perfect children, the perfect job, the perfectRead More

Does Shame Influence Eating Habits?

Food is wonderful. A sensory immersion, food sustains our ability to live life. In many ways, food is a representation of life. Food introduces us to cultures. Food gives us a lesson in history. Food can even bring us back to a time and place in the past, bringing up different emotions. Sadly, one ofRead More

How Do I Let Go Of My Past?

Perhaps the best answer to the question, “How do I let go of my past?” is, “What are you holding onto about the past?” When we break it down, the logic of it goes missing. The past is not tangible. We might have tangible reminders of the past, but those are simply tokens, not aRead More

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is a part of stress and stress is a part of life. Though our mainstream health culture focuses on reducing stress and eliminating stress as much as possible, it has to be recognized that stress is a natural part of human DNA. The fight or flight system exists to protect us from danger andRead More

Are You Being Triggered At Work?

The workplace can be full of triggers from the people to the work itself. One of the many gifts of recovery is the opportunity to reenter the workforce and start independently. Triggering People Spending a typical 8 hours a day in the office means spending a lot of time with coworkers. You might have toRead More

Benefits Of Holistic Healing Modalities

Relaxation is not a luxury. The spa-like connotation of holistic healing practices like massage, acupuncture, yoga, and energy work can make it seem like relaxation is an exclusive opportunity. For those who are living in recovery from trauma, relaxation is a necessity. Rewiring and working against a disordered nervous system is key for making everydayRead More

Why Do We Lose Our Faith When Bad Things Happen?

The trade off seems as though it is written in black and white. When we do the twelve steps or come to have a relationship with a higher power of our own understanding through different means, we are making an agreement. We agree to believe in this spiritual entity and surrender to the magnificent powerRead More