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How Do People in Recovery Let Go of Bad Influences in Their Lives?

Living a sober life is pretty difficult after being addicted to drugs and alcohol for so long. It is not easy to make the transition. It takes daily intentionality to live in a space that is about healing and finding hope. When people learn to let go of what doesn’t serve them, they begin toRead More

Learning to Give Back to Others Can Strengthen Other Muscles in Recovery

When a person struggles with addiction, it is not just about that one thing. It is many other things like the community that struggles. Recovery offers a chance to have a fresh start. It is a chance to find purpose and meaning and direction. Community service and giving back is not always required for peopleRead More

Breaking Through Denial: A Guide

In our previous Alumni blog, we discussed denial. We took a look at what denial is in a positive light and a negative light. At worst, denial is the way we avoid stepping into transformation. At best, denial is the way we prepare ourselves to step into transformation. What keeps us from stepping up toRead More

What 5 Health Conditions Are Impacting Millennials Most Right Now?

Millennials are defined as being between the ages of approximately 23 and 38 years of age. They were born at a time when health and wellness seemed more prevalent than ever. There were campaigns to discuss healthy aging and finding support for people who struggle, whereas their parents wrestled with so much (including wars andRead More

What Are Some Tips to Be More Optimistic In Rehab and Recovery?

People who struggle in rehab need to find ways to be more optimistic because there are many reasons to not be that way, including past trauma and mental health issues. Anxiety, stress, and worry can be difficult for people in recovery.  Finding ways to be optimistic will help a person feel better about themselves andRead More

How Women Are Being Adversely Impacted by the Opioid Crisis

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declared a state of emergency to address the opioid crisis in the past few years. While people are becoming more aware, the United States and Canada are still wrestling with the worst drug crisis seen in a long time. With a reliance on prescriptions for opioids, likeRead More

How Can People Tell the Difference Between Anxiety, Stress, and Panic Attacks?

Living with mental health issues is difficult and challenging. One day, a person can be perfectly fine, the next they are struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, and stress. When there are places that people cannot go because it triggers panic attacks, or stress threatens their sobriety, it is difficult to handle. It is important toRead More