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How Can I Avoid New Year’s Eve Triggers?

Loud noises, drunken celebrations, fireworks, screams and shouts- for someone who is recovering from trauma New Year’s Eve can be a difficult celebration. Difficulty responding to loud noises is common for people who have experienced trauma. Veterans of war, especially, have difficulty during holiday celebrations that include fireworks and loud noises. Research into trauma hasRead More

Wake Up On The Right Side of The Bed

Life in recovery from trauma, addiction, or a related mental health issue, has its ups and downs. Though we rarely like to admit it, there are many mornings we wake up and our first thought upon opening our eyes is something like “Oh, no.” Few optimistic and energetic mornings exist when we are living withRead More

Recognizing Shock And Taking Action

The brain is a magnificent and complex machine. In the face of trauma or horror, the brain has a unique ability to shut itself down. At a moment where the reality of life is too much to comprehend and make sense of the, the brain compartmentalizes and freezes. This may sound like avoidance but itRead More

Are You a Narcissist?

Narcissist and narcissism are buzzwords that have taken off since 2016. Bringing the discussion of mental health to light, the conversation around narcissism has been controversial because those who are living with narcissistic personality disorder are often controversial themselves. The characteristics of someone with narcissism are difficult to develop compassion for. Often, people with narcissisticRead More

Letting It All Out: How Do You Cope With Dysfunctional Parenting?

Parenting was once considered something we simply had to endure. Dysfunctional parenting wasn’t considered a problem until there was a physical altercation. Just as psychological professionals increasingly realized that trauma and PTSD were not exclusive to war veterans, there has been a realization that not all abuse is physical. Brain imaging studies have found thatRead More

5 Ways To Start Your Day With Gratitude

Starting the day with gratitude can set the tone for the rest of the day while creating a foundation of mindfulness. Be grateful you’ve woken up: Waking up is never a guarantee. While that may seem morbid and pessimistic, it is also realistic. Everyday we wake up and have an opportunity to live a wholeRead More