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How Can I Be a Better Parent in Recovery?

You have made it this far in your healing journey and that is something to celebrate. It takes courage and bravery to prioritize your recovery and put everything else aside. Now that you are facing life newly sober, you may be struggling with how to be a better parent in recovery. You are not aloneRead More

How Can Somatic Therapy Help Me Overcome Trauma?

When you experience trauma, you are pushed beyond your mental and physical limits. The tension that results from trauma is held in the body. Therefore, when you are healing from trauma, releasing this energy can help. Somatic therapy is a method that can help you to overcome trauma, especially when it is used alongside otherRead More

Finding Healing Through Shared Stories

Have you read a book or watched a movie and felt like you were seeing yourself reflected back at you? Maybe the colorful aunt in that new movie reminds you of your loving grandmother. Perhaps the characters in that book your friend recommended remind you of your strained relationship with your father. Many of theRead More

How Can Individual Therapy Help Me Overcome Self-Destructive Behavior?

Self-destructive behavior is common if you struggle with addiction, trauma, or mental health. However, these behaviors can derail your life, increases your risk of relapse, and hurt you and those you love. Individual therapy, fortunately, can help. By working one-on-one with a counselor, you can learn where self-destructive behaviors originate from, the patterns in yourRead More

What Therapeutic Methods Can I Do With My Family?

  When you return to your family after treatment, it is essential that you continue to put effort into your recovery. Fortunately, there are many therapeutic methods that you can do with your family. In doing so, your family can support you while you connect with them through different activities. Many of these tools canRead More

Did I Inherit Addiction?

If you struggle with addiction, it is natural to wonder where it came from. You might wonder if you learned the behavior or inherited genes that made you more likely to have issues with addiction in your life. While addiction is complex, the simple answer is yes. Your genetics do play a role, and youRead More

The Benefits of Addiction Treatment in Florida

Many people feel uncomfortable in hospitals or offices because it feels stuffy, sterile, cold, and uninviting. Maybe you felt cooped up in an office without any windows and felt relieved the moment you stepped outside. Moreover, your physical environment can cause changes in mood that can potentially impede recovery. At The Guest House, we believeRead More

Why Is Dual Diagnosis So Common?

Dual diagnosis is extremely common for those struggling with substance use disorder (SUD). When SUD co-occurs with another condition, it’s important to get the right treatment to find comprehensive relief. What Is Dual Diagnosis? When you have a mental health disorder and SUD at the same time, this is known as a dual diagnosis. AccordingRead More

Can Practicing Breathwork Ease Anxiety?

If you are struggling with anxiety, you may feel trapped by traditional treatment models. Sometimes, methods like talk therapy and medication can only do so much. Conscious connected breathwork is a beneficial tool that can help you re-center your body and move stagnant anxious energy. Practicing breathwork can help you find long-term anxiety relief andRead More

How Does Attachment Trauma Connect to Addiction?

Substance use disorder (SUD) is both complex and complicated. Every person who struggles with SUD will go through their own unique experience, and there are many reasons why addiction happens. One common reason is attachment trauma that can be connected back to childhood. What Is Attachment Trauma? Attachment trauma occurs in early childhood development. InsteadRead More