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How Can I Learn to Relax?

Being able to relax is essential. Our society glamorizes being constantly busy. So many people wear their burnout like a badge of honor, bragging about the number of hours they worked or the number of tasks they completed. Learning that it is okay to simply relax is vital for mental health and overall well-being.  ManyRead More

4 Things You Can Do to Have a Great Day

Making time for your mental health is essential. We often need to make conscious decisions to take actions that help us maintain a positive mental outlook. Taking time to understand what your mind and body need to remain healthy is critical. Remember that everyone is different and that what you do throughout the day forRead More

Building Your Confidence During Recovery

Building Your Confidence During Recovery As you finished treatment for your substance use disorder and entered recovery, you began a journey that can be amazing and, at times, scary. You worked incredibly hard to overcome your addiction and understand your mental health issues. You learned coping skills, developed tools to face challenges and established boundariesRead More

What Affirmations Should I Use to Start My Day?

For some, affirmations can significantly help their mental health and overall well-being. Affirmations can be a great reminder of how capable, strong, and talented you are. We can all use a reminder sometimes. If you struggle with a mental health disorder or addiction, you may find that affirmations help you view yourself positively. If youRead More