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Creating a Daily Practice to Cultivate Inner Peace

Everything we go through in our daily lives can potentially serve as attacks on our sense of peace, knocking us off our center and causing us to feel unhappy, anxious and unsettled. As we’re working towards recovery, we realize that we have to start prioritizing inner peace if we want to enable ourselves to stayRead More

Can I Become a Functioning Addict?

As we know, the inner turmoil and conflict we feel around our addictions are some of the greatest sources of stress in our lives that feed our addictive patterns. Sometimes what we feel most conflicted about is whether or not we actually have to quit after all. We ask ourselves all kinds of questions thatRead More

How Abandonment Can Contribute to Addiction 

Many of us can relate to having felt abandoned in one way or another in our lives, often in deep, meaningful, traumatic ways when we were children. We might have felt abandoned when a parent moved away because of divorce or separation. We might have been emotionally neglected or abused, causing us to feel abandoned.Read More

The Benefits of Residential Treatment

When we’re beginning our recovery journey, or finding ourselves in need of additional support along the way, it can help us overcome our fears of the recovery process to know more about the benefits of treatment. Professional residential treatment facilities are addiction recovery and rehabilitation centers that support our mission to get sober, stay soberRead More

How We Actually Feel When We Finally Quit

Our sobriety can bring with it all kinds of emotions, some that are entirely new to us, and some that have been a part of our struggle with addiction all along. Sometimes our fear of recovery is so overwhelming that we assume our sobriety will be difficult, depressing and hard to maintain. Sometimes our withdrawalRead More

What Causes Our Inner Turmoil As Addicts?

As we know, our addictions cause us a great deal of emotional pain – the feelings of defeat and disappointment we feel every time we relapse, the fear we’ll never be able to recover, how lonely and isolating our addictions can be. In addition to the depression, anxiety and other mental health issues we haveRead More

The Costs of Smoking Weed

While many of us who regularly smoke weed don’t consider ourselves to be addicted to it, and while we often don’t self-identify as addicts, the costs of smoking weed can really add up, and they can take a toll on our health and our well-being in many of the same ways that other drugs andRead More

What Keeps Us Stuck in Our Addictive Patterns?

As we learn more about our addictions, we discover that there are physical and emotional dependencies at play, along with our limiting beliefs and subconscious programming that factor into why it’s so hard for us to quit our addictions. When we dig even deeper, we find even more factors that have been keeping us stuckRead More

Exploring Weed Addiction

Many of us who smoke weed are convinced that marijuana can’t be addictive because it is a naturally growing plant rather than a synthetic drug. As such, we might not identify as addicts even if we fit the bill. For many of us, we can be just as dependent on smoking weed as any addictRead More