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Can I Heal From My Trauma?

There is hope for those of us struggling with trauma. Many new treatment options are now available for those dealing with past traumatic experiences. We may feel alone in our struggle. We may feel confused or fearful of the future. The past is in the past, and we deserve a future of happiness and connection!Read More

Embracing Normal Conflicts In Relationships

During any relationship, we will experience some type of conflict. We might step on each other’s toes or unintentionally cross a boundary. When we have suffered trauma, especially in relationships, we might fear any conflict. We might not express when something is bothering us for fear of the response. We might have a deeply ingrainedRead More

Meditation and Breathing Your Way to Health and Recovery

Meditation may be buried in the farthest corner of your mind when you enter a detoxification program. Following on from the initial treatment plan and as you head toward more long-term goals, meditation as a means to sustain mindfulness, inner peace, and calm reflection may be encouraged by your support counselor. Your first instinct mayRead More

Do You Have a Plan For the Holidays?

The holidays are coming up soon. For those of us suffering from depression, anxiety, or other issues related to our trauma, we may dread the holidays. We may have to spend time with family members, who trigger us or do not understand what we are going through. We may be stressed with planning for holidaysRead More

Trouble Recognizing Our Needs and Wants in Life

Trauma can leave us confused about knowing what we need or want in our lives. When we recover from trauma, we might have difficulty understanding how to be happy or recognize what makes us happy. Trauma has a powerful impact on our brain chemistry. We might have trouble feeling positive emotions. Feelings and emotions areRead More

Do I Know What to Do in the Event of a Crisis?

If you have a history of trauma or mental health issues related to trauma, you may have experienced a crisis at some point in your life. You may have been taken to a hospital during a breakdown or those around you might have strongly encouraged treatment. If you have experienced a crisis, we hope thatRead More