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Judy Crane’s Book ‘thetrauma Heart’ is Now Available!

The Trauma Heart (Paperback) We Are Not Bad People Trying to Be Good, We Are Wounded People Trying to Heal–Stories of Survival, Hope, and Healing  – Buy it here: The majority of people addicted to substances or process addictions such as relationship disorders, eating disorders, self-harming behaviors, gambling or pornography are trauma survivors. Many people caught inRead More

What is Holistic Treatment, With John West

In recovery treatment, it comes down to finding your match. John West, The Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Guest House Ocala tells us what a holistic approach can really do for an individual.

Zac Shaul Explains How Asking The Right Questions Saved His Life

The Guest House Ocala Presents:  Zac Shaul is a Guest Services Coordinator and Supervisor. Zac explains how ‘asking the right questions’ saved his life. If you or a loved one needs our help, please call our 24 hour admissions line at 1-855-483-7800. If you like our videos and want to see more, please click “Subscribe” on our YouTube Channel.  WeRead More

What Happened In June At The Guest House Ocala?

What happened in June at The Guest House Ocala? Each week at The Guest House Ocala, we offer something new for our guests.  The month of June was full of those moments. We walked the beaches of Daytona, floated down the sparkling waters of Rainbow River, visited EARS (Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary), and kayaked the clearRead More