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Is Sex Addiction a Response to Trauma?

Behavior cycles exhibited by people with sex addiction often connect to traumatic childhood experiences. This attachment-related trauma can continue to impair your ability to form interpersonal relationships. Such trauma could include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from a parent or caregiver. It may also include neglect, leaving you feeling unworthy of affection, attention, and love.Read More

Staying Active Through The Winter

The winter months bring long periods of night and cold temperatures, and it can be very tempting to hunker down in a comfortable blanket with a warm drink. This cozy environment is a staple image of the season. However, staying active is still an important part of maintaining a healthy physical and mental state. WhetherRead More

Understanding Dissociation

Dissociation is complicated, as it holds a lot of different connotations. For some, thinking of dissociation immediately leads to thoughts of “dissociative identity disorder.” However, the concept of dissociation encompasses much more than just this one aspect. To a degree, everyone experiences a level of dissociation, and it can be a very useful coping mechanismRead More

Can Adventure Therapy Help Diminish Cognitive Blocks to Treat Trauma?

If you have been struggling with trauma for a long time, you might have learned coping and defense mechanisms as early back as your childhood. Often, these coping and defense mechanisms translate into adulthood. However, when introducing alcohol or drugs, many of these mechanisms are masked by the substances’ escape and relief. This behavior createsRead More

Exploring Lightboxes in Addressing Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder, or S.A.D., can turn the winter months into an exceptionally trying time for those in recovery. The dwindling hours of light and colder temperatures can introduce greater feelings of depression, anxiety, and isolation, while also making it more and more difficult to get outside. While this time of year can have aRead More

Finding What Self-Care Means to You

The term “self-care” is used a lot through recovery from both addiction and trauma alike. Many programs will introduce a number of common and effective practices, such as taking a walk, engaging in sport, or watching a movie, in order to engage with one’s own self-care. This is all in an effort to maintain aRead More

How to Manage Cravings Post-Treatment

Plenty of science and research exists that looks at drug cravings post-recovery. This can be a difficult period for drug users. Lacking the tools to deal with cravings may lead to relapse. Drug use changes the brain in many ways, and it can be beneficial to learn more about how the brain changes due toRead More

Is Attachment Insecurity Hindering Your Love Life?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, it is suggested that attachment insecurity begins during childhood. These attachment insecurities exhibit feelings of reluctance, dependence, and rejection. If you are involved in a bond that is contaminated by fear, this can result in various damaging psychological effects. It could even interfere with potential healthy relationshipsRead More

Breaking Through Physical Walls in Recovery

Recovery is a very isolating experience. The feeling that a person may not be understood by their own peers, or that they are feeling guilt or shame related to their trauma, can all cause them to constantly feel like they are on the defensive. This feeling can even take a physical form as a personRead More