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Am I Sabotaging My Relationships?

Surrounding yourself with healthy relationships is an important part of maintaining overall well-being and happiness. Everyone needs to feel supported and as if they belong in a group with equals. For some people, however, accepting healthy relationships can be hard. If you think you may be struggling with sabotaging healthy relationships, reach out to aRead More

How Do I Support a Loved One in Denial?

Supporting a loved one struggling with addiction can be all-consuming. You desperately want to help them and take away their pain. If your loved one is struggling to accept that they have a substance abuse problem, there may be only so much you can do to help them. Here are a few actions you canRead More

Can I Be Addicted to Gambling?

Gambling is an activity that many adults around the world enjoy. It can be an activity that brings people together and creates a fun, light-hearted atmosphere. However, like with most things, gambling can turn into an addiction. The anticipation of possibly winning the next game pushes people to gamble more and more. If you areRead More

Is Perfectionism Really That Bad?

Many people struggle with perfectionism. Almost everyone at one point or another has experienced perfectionistic tendencies about something. However, if you find yourself experiencing perfectionism and it is disrupting your daily life, then that trait may need deeper analysis and consideration. Here are a few suggestions on how not to let perfectionism control your life.Read More

Is Social Media Affecting My Self-Esteem?

Social media plays a significant role in our current society. Most people have a profile on one or more sites. Social media can be great because it helps to connect people. Many online platforms and support groups offer great resources. However, social media can also negatively affect self-esteem. Here are a few tips on notRead More

How Do I Know if My Child Is Struggling With Their Mental Health?

Every child is different, and for that reason, it can at times be challenging to know whether a young person is struggling with their mental health or going through developmental changes. Worrying about your child’s mental health can be overwhelming and frightening. It can feel as if there is nothing you can do to help.Read More

How Do I Know if I Have an Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders can be dangerous and life-threatening if not understood and worked through. If you are struggling to understand whether or not you are experiencing an eating disorder, reach out to a mental health professional for support. Your therapist will help you to better understand your mental health issues and what exactly you are feelingRead More

How Do I Open Up to a New Therapist?

Opening up to a therapist can be a frightening thought. This fear is the very thing that stops many people from seeking help. The topics discussed in therapy are often deep and include trauma. Do not worry, though; almost everyone enters therapy with some hesitation or fear. Here are a few tips for working throughRead More

How Can I Let Go of My Past?

If you find yourself stuck in past trauma, know that feeling that way is quite common. Trauma affects everyone differently; however, if untreated, trauma tends to impact current daily life in many ways. Learning to work through your past is important in order to move on from it. Work with a mental health professional toRead More

How Do I Build a Strong Support Group?

Having a strong support group is a very important component of working through recovery. Everyone needs people who support them in their life. Whether you are working on mental health issues, addiction, or simply goals, you need to have a group of people that you know you can turn to for support. As you considerRead More