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Is My Empathy a Blessing or a Curse?

Empaths are an extraordinary type of person. They have exceptional intuition and can sense what others around them are feeling. This can feel like a superpower, but at the same time, it can also be damaging. Others may see them as a source for strength, but don’t realize that the empath is taking on people’sRead More

When Recovery Feels like Your Entire Identity

Passion for recovery is a beautiful thing. Filling your life with sober friends, activities, and ideas can be very fulfilling. However, you can hit a wall sometimes in your sobriety when we come to believe that recovery is all we do. Your life is filled with only sober ideas, events, and friends. You may beginRead More

Showing Compassion to Others (Even When It’s Hard)

One of the beautiful aspects of any recovery program, or even of life, is that we meet so many different people. All of these people have different types of personalities, experiences, and backgrounds. On occasion, we encounter someone who we don’t particularly enjoy being around. They may have strong character traits that we find toRead More

Why Can’t I Make My Non-Sober Friends Understand?

There will always be friends, coworkers, or family members who don’t understand the process and importance of our recovery. We may have a friend who is completely baffled and turned off by the 12-Step program, or a coworker who questions why we can’t just have one drink. If we are comfortable with our peers knowingRead More

Rock Bottom: Mine Doesn’t Seem As Bad As Yours

In our program, we are surrounded by many others who are recovering from the same substance addictions or mental illnesses as we are. Hearing their stories through their shares or leads at a meeting helps us to relate to each other and discover how similar we all are. Sometimes, we hear stories from others thatRead More

Is Perfectionism Hurting My Happiness?

Many of us have an idea of how we’d like our life to be. From daily life to five years in the future, we have goals and dreams and plans. To put these ideas into motions, we often create an outline for what actions need to happen, how we must behave, and who we shouldRead More

Pros and Cons Lists: Do They Really Help?

We’ve all been faced with difficult decisions throughout our lives. As we enter recovery or continue our journey recovering from addiction or trauma, there will be more decisions to come. If we are unsure of how to behave or act in a situation, many times our peers will suggest making a list of pros andRead More