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How Can I Be More Compassionate?

Compassion is an important part of recovery, whether you are in recovery yourself or supporting someone who is recovering. Becoming more compassionate is a matter of practice. Here are a few ways to involve the practice of compassion in your life. Practice more empathy: Empathy and compassion go hand in hand. Whereas compassion can beRead More

What Are The Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety?

There is a reason we say that mental health disorders, like anxiety, live in the mind, the body, and the spirit. The body runs on the brain. Meaning, our nervous system is what connects every single cell of our body to our brain and vice versa. We don’t think about it because we don’t haveRead More

Are You Depressed Or Sad?

Sadness is a part of depression. Sadness is separate from depression. We can feel sad for extended periods of time without being depressed. If our sadness is persistent for weeks or months on end and is accompanied by other symptoms, we might be experiencing depression. Jumping to either conclusion- we are only sad, or weRead More

Could Depression Be Genetic?

We understand a few things about depression. First, depression is a normal part of life; for example, we experience depression as part of the grieving process. Second, depression can be hereditary. That is, at least, as a mental illness. Research has provided us with the knowledge that when one parent has a mental illness, likeRead More

How Can I Meditate When I’m On The Go?

Life after treatment can get busy. Recovery takes us to places we want to go in our lives. Our minds change. Our bodies change. Our relationship to ourselves and the world around us change. After treatment for trauma, addictions, and other mental health issues, we find a new freedom, given to us by the manyRead More

Benzodiazepine Abuse Is On The Rise

News media outlets have barely covered it. When a celebrity dies of overdose, the benzodiazepines in their system are hardly given any attention. Chris Cornell’s death including benzodiazepines caused controversy as to whether or not benzos. Old lead to suicide. Tom Petty had a number of benzos in his system. Budding rapper Little Peep wasRead More

Why You Shouldn’t Investigate Your Trauma Alone

Trauma is complex, affecting the brain, the memory, the body, and the spirit in different ways. While some people may feel the effects of their trauma right away, some people may not recognize symptoms of trauma for many years. Likely, millions of adults around the world are living with unresolved, untreated trauma from an eventRead More

Do Men Develop Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders are highly gendered, stigmatized, and stereotyped. Specifically, eating disorders are characterized to be a primarily female problem. As it might be more casually stated, “Eating disorders are for girls.” However, this isn’t true. Stereotyping and stigmatizing any mental health disorder, like an eating disorder, is dangerous to the many different people who experienceRead More