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4 Common Misconceptions Of Anxiety

More adults and more teenagers are experiencing clinical anxiety than ever before. As the anxiety of our country grows, it is imperative to clear up any misconceptions about anxiety. Anxiety is something you can just turn off It seems easy enough. Anxiety is thoughts and fears gone awry. Knowing this, anyone with anxiety should justRead More

Can Childhood Trauma Change Your Dna?

The way that we describe traumatic events experienced in trauma give a connotation of permanence. Things that happen in childhood become part of us, are carried with us, are always with us, shape us, make us who we are, and more. Like living parts of our being, we embody and embrace our childhood experiences. AtRead More

How To Talk To Someone About Mental Health Struggles In 5 Easy Steps

Approaching a loved one who is struggling through mental health difficulties can be intimidating. These are 5 of the easiest, most important steps you need to keep in mind. Educate Yourself First: This is the first thing you should do because the last thing you want to do is approach someone from an entirely uneducatedRead More

The Role of Stigma In Trauma Recovery

It wasn’t that bad. That happened forever ago. You still aren’t over that? You should be over that by now. You shouldn’t let things affect you that way. You can’t just not live your life. People are full of expert opinions. Many critical thinkers and philosophers have dreaded what has become in the technological digitalRead More

Is Seasonal Affective Disorder Real?

Full of holidays, themes of warmth and family, the winter is a time that invites everyone inside to be together and enjoy the comfort of a resting hemisphere. For many people, the changing of the seasons is a grave warning of other changes to come. Seasonal affective disorder is a form of depression in whichRead More

Is Perfectionism a Problem?

Asking whether or not perfectionism is a problem largely depends who you are asking. People are either proud of their perfectionism and use it as the great motivator in their lives or they are unaware of their perfectionism in addition to the many ways it might be hurting their lives. For some, perfectionism is theRead More

Can You Convince Someone To Go To Therapy?

If I could just get them to talk to a therapist, we tell ourselves. If they would just listen to me and go to treatment, we ponder. If only we could convince them that we are right, that they have a problem, and that they need professional clinical help to work through it. If onlyRead More

2 Mindfulness Skills From Somatic Experiencing You Can Use Every Day

Somatic experiencing is a specific therapy type geared toward the treatment of trauma. Trauma lives in the body as much as it does the mind. To somatize means to take what is emotional or mental and make it physical. Increasingly, we are becoming aware that we take on physically what we do not cope withRead More

The 3 Most Important Things To Understand About Taking Medication For Mental Health

Medication is a great tool for recovering from mental health. If you or a loved one is considering a medication treatment, there are three critical things to understand. Taking medication isn’t a “failure” and it doesn’t make you “weak”: Though, it can certainly seem and feel the opposite, taking medication isn’t a marker on yourRead More

The “cure” For Mental Illness

There is an undeniable fact about all mental health disorders alike: there is no cure. Instantaneously, such a statement causes a spike of anxiety, a churn of the stomach, and a flurry of negative, fear driven thinking. Why should we go to treatment, spend our time, money, energy into healing, if there is no cure?Read More