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Can I Talk With A Flight Attendant About My Mental Health?

Recently, we discussed how to handle an anxiety attack while flying on a plane. One resource we did not discuss was talking to a flight attendant. Of course, flight attendants are not mental health professionals, nor are they trained professionals other than their job requirements for being a flight attendant. However, flight attendants are likelyRead More

Your Brain On A Spiritual Awakening

A study published in Cerebral Cortex by researchers at Oxford, Yale, and Columbia has finally been able to pinpoint at least some of what happens in the brain when a spiritual awakening takes place. Researchers were able to distinguish activity related to the concept or activities of spirituality in a single part of the brain.Read More

Why Treatment And Recovery From Trauma Are For You

I didn’t know that was trauma.I didn’t know I was traumatized. I didn’t know trauma could affect you. I didn’t know there was treatment for trauma. I didn’t know I needed treatment for trauma. I didn’t know treatment for trauma would help. I didn’t know I could live without trauma running my life. I didn’tRead More

Giving Up The Fight Of Trauma Survival

Threats we perceive when we are triggered by trauma are more than triggers of our trauma. They are triggers of the very real feelings associated with trauma, our survival instincts. Trauma can feel like the world is ending. According to our perception, the world as we know it has in fact ended, usurped by aRead More

Does Sad Happen In Summer?

Seasonal affective disorder is most well known for occurring during the winter. Shorter daylight hours means less exposure to sunshine and Vitamin D, which can help regulate mood. Earlier dark hours change the way the circadian rhythm operates. Our circadian rhythm is our sleep cycle and dictates to the brain when to produce brain chemicalsRead More

Why Individualizing Your Therapeutic Process Matters

Most people in the world will experience trauma in their lifetime. Many of those people will experience symptoms of trauma as a result. Only some of them will experience the development of PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. A large percentage of people, unfortunately, will live their lives with struggle in their mental health, unaware of theRead More

What If I Have A Ptsd Episode On Vacation?

There are few things worse than a “ruined” vacation. Having a PTSD episode while on vacation doesn’t mean your vacation is ruined. Here are three quick tips for managing PTSD while exploring the world. Make A Phone Call Being far away from home feels as isolating if not more than the experience of PTSD doesRead More

The Voice Of Abuse Trauma

What happens when the voice of trauma is not heard? When the voice of trauma is not heard, acknowledged, recognized, or most importantly, treated, it finds other ways to be validated. Commonly, people who have been abused develop maladaptive coping behaviors which are valiantly masked as survival because it is survival. Through the mask speaksRead More

Do I Ever Get A Vacation From Recovery?

Summer is for traveling. All over the world, people are taking off on trips they have been planning for months or spontaneous summer adventures. During the summer months, people have time off of work, school, and the window of opportunity to be liberated from everyday responsibilities. Travel and vacation are sacred times in a persons’Read More