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6 Ways to Feel More Confident in Your Recovery

Finding confidence in your recovery can be a great feeling. Understanding how capable you are of maintaining your sobriety and moving toward your goals is fantastic. As you enter recovery and sobriety, it may take time to find your confidence.

Addiction is powerful, and it probably had a strong grip on your life. In recovery, you may worry about making the right choices or that you will end up relapsing. Those are valid concerns that many people in recovery think about and work through every single day. As you begin to build up your confidence, you will start to realize your power and how capable you are of succeeding. Here are a few different ways you can feel more confident in your recovery journey.

#1. Use Positive Self-Talk

Positive self-talk can have a significant impact on your mental health. Learn to speak to yourself in a positive and supportive way. Think about how you would talk with a loved one or a friend who was in recovery. You would show them support and encourage them to stay motivated and keep reaching for their goals. Try to talk to yourself in the same way.

You have gone through an amazing journey to achieve sobriety. You have faced a very tough challenge, and it took a lot of courage to do that. Remember what you have already accomplished, and praise yourself for that.

#2. Maintain a Supportive Social Circle

Having a supportive social circle is important. As you journey through recovery, you will have days where you do not feel worthy of sobriety. You may feel that you cannot reach your goals or that you are not capable of maintaining healthy relationships. On those days, your support circle will step in and help you remember how strong and capable you are.

Everyone has tough days. Learning to work through those challenging moments and still find the motivation to stay on track for your goals is powerful. Let other people support you. Let them cheer you on.

For some people, letting others support them can be difficult. Being open about needing support can be challenging. Try to break down those walls. Everyone needs support. You worked through treatment and are now successfully in recovery. That does not mean you need to be able to handle every situation on your own. Surround yourself with people who motivate you to keep moving forward.

#3. Break Free of Old Routines

Routines can be amazing. They can be incredibly helpful in building habits and working on your mental health issues. However, routines can also be harmful. If you had routines surrounding your substance of choice, you might find those routines to now be triggering. If you always used your substance of choice after doing a specific activity or at a particular time, those routines may need to be changed to keep you safe.

You may find it helpful to work with a therapist to analyze your current routines. Your therapist can help you determine which routines should be modified or completely changed. They can also help you create new routines that will help promote your recovery and overall well-being.

#4. Participate in New Activities

Trying out new things can help you build up your confidence. Try new activities, read new books, go to new places. As you step outside of your routines and have new experiences,  your confidence will begin to soar. You never really know which activities will benefit your mental health until you try.

#5. Establish a Purpose

Determining your purpose in life will help your confidence grow. Once you have a purpose, you have a sense of desire and belonging. It will give you a direction to push for and focus on. Your purpose in life may include helping others, changing standards, or improving the community in some way. Whatever your purpose is, let it drive you forward into your recovery and into improved health.

#6. Acknowledge Your Growth

You have already accomplished so much. You asked for help. You worked through treatment and found sobriety. Those are huge and amazing accomplishments. Taking some time to acknowledge your growth will help you build up your confidence. If you have already accomplished so much, think about how much more you can accomplish in your future.

If you are comfortable, consider sharing your story with others. When you share your story, you will talk about how far you have come and what you have gone through. Sharing your story will help to motivate you to keep moving forward. Be proud of how far you have come and how many goals you have already achieved.

Finding confidence in your recovery is a powerful accomplishment. You will begin to feel good about yourself as you discover that you are capable and strong enough to continue your recovery. You have achieved so much already by going to treatment and embracing a sober lifestyle. Now you get to journey through recovery. To improve your confidence, consider taking time to acknowledge your growth and establish a purpose. Work on changing old unhealthy habits and incorporating new routines. You may also benefit from positive self-talk and participating in new activities. Your support system will significantly impact your confidence as well. Surround yourself with loved ones. Also, surround yourself with professional help. Here at The Guest House, we can help you better understand your mental health and the struggles you are facing. We are here to help and support you. Call us today to learn more about our post-treatment support options at (855) 483-7800.