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Reasons to Tell Your Family About Your Trauma

After going through something traumatic, you may decide that taking your trauma to the grave is the best idea. First, you may be tired of reliving it, so you would rather stuff it down deep than talk about it. Second, you  may be afraid that you will be shunned, embarrassed, or doubted about what happened.Read More

How to Love Someone Through Their Trauma

As you start to see the progression of someone’s trauma, you may also realize that they can be challenging to deal with at times. This is not necessarily saying the person with trauma is difficult, but the highs and lows of emotions related to traumatic experiences can be difficult to endure. Not knowing what toRead More

How Do I Know If I Am Enabling My Loved One?

  Addiction is often a factor with someone who is trying to numb out the pain of their trauma. When you see that your loved one is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, you may give them a pass to allow them to forget about the problematic hand they were dealt. Rather than try toRead More

Why Can’t My Loved One Stay Sober?

Time and again, your loved one continues to forsake your relationship because they are addicted to drugs and alcohol. You want nothing more than for them to become sober. You want them to have a fulfilling life, and their inability to stay sober leaves you baffled, extremely sad, and possibly angry. You are unsure whyRead More

Helping Your Loved Ones During Their Recovery

Knowing how to help your loved ones during their recovery can be difficult. You may not want to overstep their boundaries, but you do want to help them be the best that they can be. One thing is for sure: your support is the best thing you can offer. Continue reading for more information aboutRead More

Will My Kids Ever Forgive Me for My Addiction?

Now that you are sober, you are probably wondering why you aren’t any closer to your children. Your adult children might be leery of the “new” you, and if you have younger children, they may still be afraid of the “old” you. Addiction has ripped through the lives of your kids. While that was probablyRead More

Healing From Our Family Issues

For many of us living with addiction, one of the elements of our recovery is examining how the dynamics and experiences of our families have contributed to our addictions. We might feel inclined to avoid looking at our families altogether. We might not want to address how we’ve been impacted by them. We might haveRead More

What We Can Learn From Family Therapy

As we’re working to recover, therapy is one of the main elements of our recovery programs, and along with our individual therapeutic work, and the work we do in groups, many of us will decide to also try family therapy. This can be a daunting undertaking. Many of us have been estranged from our familiesRead More

Feelings of Obligation and Guilt

As the loved ones of people struggling with addiction, we can find ourselves feeling obligated to constantly be there for them and support them, as they’re trying to quit, as they’re dealing with intense personal issues, even as they go through patterns of relapse. We don’t want to give up on them, and we don’tRead More