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Navigating Family Dysfunction: 4 Essential Coping Strategies

In the current culture, television shows like Shameless or Modern Family are relatable because of their family dysfunction. Shows about awkward family dynamics may lure you in as you relate to the relationships between family members. During recovery, you are learning a great deal about yourself and it can be hard to look to yourRead More

How to Foster Family Unity After Addiction Rocks Your World

An article from Innovation in Aging notes, family relationships play an important role in the shaping of your life. Family is often foundational to your well-being as these linked or interdependent relationships inform each other. Your lives are intrinsically linked to each other as sources of social connection and influence, as well as meaning andRead More

How to Talk to Your Family (And Others) About Addiction

  There are often barriers to acknowledging your difficulties with substance use disorder (SUD). Thus, talking about your SUD with your family and friends can feel even more daunting. You may find yourself worrying about how your loved ones will react. In addition, there may be an endless string of scary questions that might popRead More

An In-Depth Look at the Six Dysfunctional Family Roles

According to an article from Future Child, the important people in your early life, like parents, are both your caregivers and role models. You form healthy and unhealthy behaviors from the attachment figures in your life. These behaviors can have an impact on your wellness as you mature. Moreover, while every family is different, thereRead More

What Therapeutic Methods Can I Do With My Family?

  When you return to your family after treatment, it is essential that you continue to put effort into your recovery. Fortunately, there are many therapeutic methods that you can do with your family. In doing so, your family can support you while you connect with them through different activities. Many of these tools canRead More

Building Mental Wellness With Your Family

Connection is an integral part of the human experience. Your loved ones remind you that you are not alone on your journey; you can get through the good days and the hard days together. Nevertheless, having support on your mental wellness journey can be an invaluable tool for understanding and motivating long-term healing. The ValueRead More

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

When people think of intelligence, they usually think about book smarts. However, there are many types of intelligence. One of the most crucial to our relationships and recovery is emotional intelligence. Defining Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, identify, and manage your emotions and the emotions of others. It also involves theRead More

Is My Family Stifling My Recovery Progress?

Developmental trauma can cause many long-term problems. People with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) often find themselves struggling with mental illnesses, substance use disorder (SUD), or both. When you decide that you want to heal, toxic family members may resist your recovery journey. Are they stifling your progress? It’s important to address this part of yourRead More

What Are Common Dysfunctional Family Roles?

In a dysfunctional family, children get labels to define them. They’re boxed into a personality trait or an assigned responsibility. Some roles are deemed more desirable in the hierarchy. Nonetheless, the roles are all bad. Each person in a dysfunctional family unit is set up to fail. However, the particular manner of downfall depends onRead More

Am I Teaching My Child to Hate Their Body?

Parenting can be a difficult task for even the healthiest individuals. When mentally ill, you constantly worry about passing on your disorders. Since kids are impressionable, your child absorbs any messaging like a sponge. If you speak kindly about yourself and others, they’ll learn to do this as well. Sadly, it works the opposite wayRead More