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Finding the Right Support System

If you’re looking to find the right support system, understanding the different types of therapy and support that work best can help you in your aftercare plan. It’s critical to you and the success of your recovery journey to find out what options are available that will meet your needs. Often, many individuals will tryRead More

Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children

As a parent, you will naturally worry about your children. It’s common to think about when your children will leave home and embrace adulthood. You may even worry about whether they will be okay on their own. During childhood, the dynamic of your relationship with your children is strictly parent-child. However, when your child becomesRead More

6 Tips for Supporting Your Loved One in Recovery

Supporting your loved one in recovery is not just about physical support. Support also requires gentleness and willingness to listen and provide hope in your loved one’s darkest moments. Recovery is an ongoing process, even for those who have been working on recovery for quite some time. Supporting their recovery is about more than justRead More

Do I Have to Tell My Family I Am Attending Treatment?

Deciding to seek treatment is a wonderful thing. It is also a decision that tends to come with a lot of questions and uncertainty because of the unknown aspects involved with treatment. One issue that many people wonder about is the involvement of loved ones throughout treatment. Do you have to involve them? Should theyRead More

Managing Stress While Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time, filled with changes and growth. For many, this is a time filled with positivity and fun. For others, pregnancy can be an extremely stressful time. Learning to manage your stress while pregnant is essential. Everyone is on a unique journey, and experiencing different mental health challenges and learning howRead More

How Can I Overcome My Fear of Love?

Everyone has fears. For many, fears arise and are then worked through. These fears typically do not impact daily life or relationships.  For other people, fears become an intense part of daily life. These fears affect everyday situations and impact relationships. When everyday life begins to suffer, we begin to think that we may benefitRead More

How Can I Help My Child Avoid Relapse?

Having a child battling addiction can be a frightening experience. You desperately want to take away your child’s pain and fight the battle for them. As you know, you cannot do that for them.  Addiction is one battle that they must work through on their own. However, there are many different ways you can supportRead More

How Can I Help My Depressed Teen?

Having a teenager who is struggling with their mental health can be difficult. You would like to be able to fix their problems and make them the happiest person alive, but that is out of your control. While you may not be able to solve their struggles for them, you can support your teen throughRead More

Embracing Change During Recovery

Learning to embrace change throughout your recovery can be difficult. Change can often feel scary and sometimes overwhelming. Recovery is a time of immense change. It is full of discovery and exploring. Your life drastically changed when you stepped foot into treatment to work through your addiction and learn to better understand your mental health.Read More

Putting a Stop to Blaming Others

The pattern of blaming others can be dangerous. When you constantly blame others, it can hinder growth, stifle learning, and impact relationships. If something goes wrong, try to think of it as a learning experience. Being able to acknowledge and learn from your mistakes is a necessary skill to have in life. This skill mayRead More