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Do I Need Group Therapy?

The prospect of talking in front of strangers may make you rethink joining a group therapy session. However, the benefits you gain from joining others and sharing your story are immeasurable. A large part of belonging to a group of like-minded people is finding the support and community you need to mend your mind-body connection.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy sessions consist of up to fifteen clients. Formal groups will be led by one or two therapists while informal groups may not have a leader. Most sessions last between one or two hours and meet a few times a week. However, there’s more to group meetings than the basic definition describes. For example, therapists with specialized training can lead sessions that teach group members scientifically proven methods to cope with their diagnoses.

The group’s goal is to share, learn, and gain perspective. For this reason, most groups center on a specific issue. For example, a few diagnoses-targeted groups address anxiety, substance addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, or eating disorders. You can also attend general group meetings that touch on different topics.

Are There Benefits?

Getting together with strangers to discuss mental health or substance addiction disorders may not appeal to you. You’re not alone. The idea of opening up and telling others about your past is scary. However, this means you’re not the only one in the group who has experienced the effects of your mental health issue or substance addiction. A community of people who have similar experiences can increase the sense of community. You belong somewhere and are with people who can identify with you.

Group members can understand where you’re coming from and can give you suggestions. Members will share their stories and discuss how they arrived at where they are in their treatment or recovery. Your group is a place to vent without fear of judgment.

A sense of community can give you peace of mind. Belonging to a group that includes others who share your struggles reduces feelings of isolation. When you’re in a group, you listen and talk to others. The interaction between you and your peers gives you perspective. Not only can you learn from them and receive advice, but you also find comfort in the fact that you are surrounded by people who can relate to you.

By attending group sessions, you are building a community for yourself that includes a wide range of thoughts, experiences, and people. Groups are inclusive. The acceptance of all is how you learn. People from all walks of life or cultures can bring different ideas or coping skills to the meeting. Suggestions for positive changes can come from the most unexpected places. Use these examples, tips, and stories to build a solid foundation for healing.

Group therapy sessions, whether formal or informal, are beneficial. Getting together with others who share your diagnosis and its effects builds a sense of community. Listening to others and sharing your story gives you the chance to realize you’re not alone. The Guest House mental health or substance addiction treatment includes group therapy. We believe learning from others is vital to your recovery. Our therapists guide you through the group process while teaching healthy coping skills. We also offer holistic therapies that utilize the serenity of our 52-acre estate located near Ocala, Florida. To learn more, call (855) 483-7800.