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How Can a Strong Self-Concept Help Me Overcome Addiction?

Self-identity and self-image are extremely important when it comes to overcoming addiction. How you think and feel about yourself is strongly tied to your concept of yourself, known as self-concept. With the right tools and methods, a strong self-concept can be developed along your road to recovery.

What Is Self-Concept?

A 2016 study in the Wiley Journal of Personality defines self-concept as “an organized system that shapes how individuals feel about themselves, other individuals, and their social relationships.” The study found that individuals who have more positive self-concepts have higher self-esteem and self-worth.

In more general terms, self-concept is how you view yourself, along with the opinion you have of yourself. A lower self-concept can lead to self-defeating behaviors like addiction, self-harm, and difficult life choices.

Low Self-Perception and Substance Use

In 2021, the Journal of Drug Issues published a study that found self-perception can lead to increases in substance abuse problems in early adulthood. The study specifically found that people with a low self-concept may be more susceptible to social anxiety, using drugs and alcohol as a means to cope.

Trauma may also lead to a low self-concept. A person may use substances to deal with the pain from trauma and from the overall negative feelings they have about themself.

How to Improve Self-Concept

Journaling is an excellent tool to help you improve your sense of self. You can start by gaining awareness and writing down your current self-concept. How do you think and feel about yourself on a regular basis?

Next, you should think about what you actually desire your self-concept to be. Do you want to feel strong? Confident? Paint a picture of what that looks like to you.

Keeping a daily journal of your internal feelings will go a long way in recovery. Other tools like meditation, exercise, and healthy habits can also help you develop strong self-love and appreciation.

Treatment at The Guest House

At The Guest House, we offer a wide variety of therapeutic modalities to help you strengthen your connection to yourself in recovery. Our meditation and yoga programs can help you strengthen the connection between body and mind. Other healing methods, like conscious connected breathwork and somatic therapy, will help you move stagnant negative energy out of your body.

A solid framework of self-love and acceptance will help you on your road to recovery. No matter what your condition, The Guest House can help you find true, inner peace.

Recent studies suggest that a low self-concept, or view of one’s self, can lead to addiction in early adulthood. At The Guest House, we provide a large variety of healing modalities to help you connect deeply with yourself. Through traditional therapies, along with holistic healing, you will be able to strengthen your self-concept and truly learn how to love yourself. A stronger self-concept will help you find true healing and inner peace in recovery. For more information, call us at (855) 483-7800.