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Deciding How to Get Support and Establish Quality Relationships

Understanding what makes a relationship healthy instead of unhealthy is essential during recovery. During active drug use, you likely surrounded yourself with toxic people that enabled your substance use. Therefore, you have to unlearn many ways of thinking and learn what is healthy and what will help you grow. Such efforts will require building aRead More

Establishing a Judgment-Free Mindset for Quality Aftercare Goals

Having a mindset free from judgment can only help you achieve your goals. When you have a judgment-free mindset, you are freeing yourself, which can improve your chances of a successful recovery from trauma and problematic behaviors. Unfortunately, trauma can induce a judgmental mindset about who you are as a person, your choices, and yourRead More

Why Growing Can Sometimes Be Difficult

Growth requires a commitment to change, and can be change is hard to endure. Growth can feel terrifying and overwhelming. Yet, growth in recovery is important for identifying which things in your life need to change in order for you to heal. Look Inside Yourself Accomplishing growth takes looking inside yourself and contemplating which habitsRead More

How Do I Know if I Have an Attachment Disorder?

Parents or caregivers often influence the personality of the children they raise. For example, a child’s mood, behavior, or social relationships can suffer when raised by someone emotionally unavailable or abusive. When Does Attachment Happen? Infants rely on their caregivers to protect and care for them. Attachment theorists believe infants and children know without beingRead More

Finding a Safe Place to Address Self-Defeating Behaviors

Once you have completed treatment, it is important to have a long-term plan for continued treatment to continue in recovery and avoid self-defeating behavior. One way to safely identify and overcome self-defeating behavior during recovery is to have solid support systems. Recovery Is a Life-Long Commitment Recovery from substance abuse disorder is not a sprint;Read More

Do I Have a Co-occurring Disorder?

People with a substance use disorder (SUD) are at a higher risk of having a mental health diagnosis than people without an addiction. When a person has both SUD and a mental health issue, this is called a co-occurring disorder. The severity of substance addiction and mental health disorders can differ from one person toRead More

Understanding the Underlying Issues Connected With Substance Use

Substance use disorders (SUD) often occur with underlying mental health issues. Further, people in pain from trauma or mental health disorders seek out ways to treat themselves and heal their pain using substances. Yet, mental health and substance use disorders can appear together due to shared causes. Therefore, people who actively engage in recovery andRead More

What Is Sober Curious?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to remain sober at social functions? The conscious decision to stay substance-free at a social function is a part of the sober curious movement. The other parts of being sober curious are up to you. What Is the Definition of Sober Curious? Alcohol is one of the moreRead More

Choosing Positive Experiences Through Difficult Situations

A negative mindset causes can give the illusion that problems are larger than they are, which can make for a troubling cycle to get stuck in. Therefore, learning to shift negative thoughts to positive thoughts is essential. Although, having a positive mindset does not mean that you will never feel sad or distressed. Part ofRead More

What Is Global Running Day?

Runners are a unique breed of people. They get up and move when most are content relaxing. Some say they’re crazy while others marvel at their dedication. No matter your running status, you can celebrate Global Running Day. Why Do People Run? Ask any runner why they run, and you will get a different answer.Read More