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Maintaining Authenticity Through Rehab and Beyond

Maintaining your authenticity as you journey through life is essential. Being who you are and loving yourself is the ultimate key to happiness. Often, after individuals go through treatment, they feel as if they need to hide that part of their past. There is a fear that if new friends or acquaintances learn about theirRead More

Finding Your Passion After Rehab

A significant part of a long-term recovery plan is to learn about who you are — old traits and new ones. There is a good chance that your addiction took over your life. Every single part of your identity became interconnected with your addiction. Over time you probably forgot a lot about yourself. Now isRead More

Managing Stress and Outside Demands While in Recovery

Congratulations on working through your addiction. You have made the life-changing choice of working through your challenges and facing your addiction head-on. Recovery is a lifelong process, one that can look different for everyone. The hurdles that impact you will be different from the hurdles that affect someone else. While in treatment, you probably spentRead More

How Role Models Benefit the Recovery Process

Having positive and supportive people in your life can help you as you work through recovery. Making that big decision to get help can be scary and overwhelming. However, role models can help with those feelings of uncertainty and fear. When we feel similar to another person, we tend to connect and bond with them.Read More

Can Gambling Turn Into an Addiction?

Gambling is an activity that many people all around the world enjoy. It can be a social activity that can be done with friends and family. With so many different forms of gambling available in so many different locations, it is no wonder that it is an accessible form of entertainment for many. However, justRead More

4 Ways to Help Your Therapist Help You

Taking that step to reach out for help is enormous. It can feel overwhelming to think about opening up to a stranger; however, getting therapy to help you work through your struggles is a brave thing to do. The therapeutic relationship is extremely important, and being able to work with your therapist is necessary soRead More

Managing Workplace Stress When Newly Sober

Taking back your life after addiction is powerful. You fought and worked hard on yourself to better understand your mental health issues and triggers. You took the time to receive the support you needed to get sober, healthy, and happy. However, recovery is a long-term process. You do not just leave treatment and never faceRead More

How to Find a Job After Rehab 

For many individuals, finding employment is one of their primary goals after going through treatment. There are many different reasons why someone would be looking for employment after treatment. Some may have struggled to hold down a job while facing active addiction, while others may find that their current employment is a hazard to theirRead More

How to Navigate the Unexpected

Recovery is not always easy. Living a healthy and sober lifestyle after addiction can have both ups and downs. Some days may feel like more work than others. You will also experience the unexpected throughout your recovery. Being able to work through unexpected situations is very important in maintaining your sobriety and your mental health. Read More