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Are Some Professions More at Risk Than Others for Substance Abuse?

In the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in media coverage of professionals who struggle with substance abuse. We know from personal experience that anyone can fall victim to drug addiction regardless of their profession or socioeconomic status. However, some professions carry a higher potential risk for substance abuse than others. Professions at HighRead More

How Can a Dual Diagnosis Program Help You?

One of the first steps to your healing journey is finding a treatment facility. This can feel heavy. How do you decide what you need? While researching, you probably heard the term dual or co-occurring diagnosis program. Learning treatment-related terms can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry, though. In this blog, we’ll break down the definition andRead More

Do Fad Diets Promote Eating Disorders?

Many fad diets are promoted these days. They all seem to advocate the same thing—eating just a small amount of food and losing weight fast. That might sound like an ideal situation for anyone trying to lose weight, but most people don’t realize that fad diets can lead to eating disorders. Let’s take a closerRead More

Should I Stay Close to People Who Drink Now That I’m Sober?

If you’re in recovery from alcohol abuse, you may be discovering an entire side of life that you haven’t experienced in a long time. Your health could be improving, and you probably feel your mind getting clearer. Your body is growing accustomed to going through life without the added weight of alcohol to carry itRead More

Talking About Your Addiction With a Loved One

When you have an addiction, it’s not just you who is affected by it. Your friends and family are also impacted. The good news is that people who love you don’t have to be afraid or feel they cannot trust you anymore. Instead, they can be there for you and help you get through thisRead More

Facing the Impact of Long-Term Substance Abuse in Recovery

Whether you have struggled with substance abuse for a long or short time, there will always be physical consequences to cope with when you first approach a life of recovery. The good news is that attacking these side effects is much easier with the proper support. Long-Term Impacts of Substance Abuse Health professionals all seemRead More

How Do Choices in Addiction Influence My Recovery?

Most people approach addiction from a fully nurture or nature perspective. It’s either a biological condition or a behavioral condition. The reality is more complex than that. While many people who experience addiction may be genetically predisposed to it, the truth of the matter is that environment and habits all play into addiction as well.Read More

Alcohol Abuse as a Coping Mechanism

The cliche of washing the whole day away with an alcoholic beverage dominates the world today. Commercials, movies, TV shows, and social media all seem to clamor around the idea that the only way to relax is to have a drink or two. For some of us, however, that drink can quickly become three —Read More

Physical Dependence on Alcohol

Physical dependence on alcohol is common and can result in serious health issues, social problems, and lost opportunities. You might not be aware of it, but if you keep drinking to excess, sooner or later, you could become dependent on alcohol. Physical dependence takes place when the brain accepts the presence of alcohol in the bodyRead More

Signs of an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are often misunderstood as frivolous or purely aesthetic. However, this is far from the truth. Eating disorders can be deadly, and studies show that they have been on the rise in the past 50 years. Eating disorders affect many people regardless of age, sex, or appearance. They can develop at any point inRead More