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Rebuilding Relationships After Treatment

Rebuilding relationships is a significant task that many people take on after completing treatment. Addiction is a powerful thing. It can take hold of every single aspect of someone’s life. Relationships tend to be hit hard by addiction. You may have relationships that became strained and broken because of addiction. Those people wanted desperately toRead More

Attending Parties While in Recovery

Life may look quite different now that you have finished treatment and are returning to society in recovery. You may change some activities and refrain from others. As you continue on your recovery journey, you will learn to set yourself up for success and still participate in the activities that you enjoy. Learning to liveRead More

The Next Steps After Treatment

You have made it through treatment; now what? “Now what” is a common question that many people ask when they leave treatment. When you decided you needed help with your addiction, you made a huge step toward improving your life. You focused on improving your physical health and learning more about your mental health. TreatmentRead More

How Can I Help My Loved One With Their Substance Abuse?

Having a loved one struggling with addiction can be challenging. It may feel natural to want to step in and fix their problems for them. Sadly, in situations such as addiction, you cannot solve their problems or take away their struggles. You can, however, support them every step of the way. If you are wonderingRead More

Acknowledging Your Addiction to Move Towards Recovery

Facing addiction is scary. It can feel overwhelming and uncertain. You may even feel it is easier to simply not acknowledge it. However, to begin your journey of healing and recovery, you must first admit that you are struggling with addiction. Accepting that you have an addiction can be difficult, and it is a uniqueRead More

Maintaining Authenticity Through Rehab and Beyond

Maintaining your authenticity as you journey through life is essential. Being who you are and loving yourself is the ultimate key to happiness. Often, after individuals go through treatment, they feel as if they need to hide that part of their past. There is a fear that if new friends or acquaintances learn about theirRead More

Finding Your Passion After Rehab

A significant part of a long-term recovery plan is to learn about who you are — old traits and new ones. There is a good chance that your addiction took over your life. Every single part of your identity became interconnected with your addiction. Over time you probably forgot a lot about yourself. Now isRead More

Managing Stress and Outside Demands While in Recovery

Congratulations on working through your addiction. You have made the life-changing choice of working through your challenges and facing your addiction head-on. Recovery is a lifelong process, one that can look different for everyone. The hurdles that impact you will be different from the hurdles that affect someone else. While in treatment, you probably spentRead More

How Role Models Benefit the Recovery Process

Having positive and supportive people in your life can help you as you work through recovery. Making that big decision to get help can be scary and overwhelming. However, role models can help with those feelings of uncertainty and fear. When we feel similar to another person, we tend to connect and bond with them.Read More