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What Is Digital Well-Being?

When we talk about well-being, we are referring to both physical and emotional health. Our current society is exceptionally digital. Many of us spend a large amount of our time, whether it be for work or recreation, on some form of digital platform. Because of that, we must start to consider and think about ourRead More

Addicted to the Drama of Addiction

It takes a lot to work through active addiction. First, you had to acknowledge that you had a problem and take steps to reach out for help. Then you had to work through your past, your addiction, trauma, and mental health issues. As you have probably already discovered, the work for most people does not endRead More

Confronting the Voice of Addiction in Your Head

You probably thought that once you worked through your active addiction, you would immediately be free of that voice in your head saying to use your substance of choice. The voice that constantly said you were not good enough, did not deserve a better life, or could not reach the goals you always wanted. YouRead More

What Does Xanax Abuse Look Like?

Xanax is a medication that many people are familiar with. Xanax is a benzodiazepine, which means that it has a sedative effect. Xanax is sometimes prescribed for panic and anxiety disorders. Many individuals use Xanax in the way that it is intended. However, it is very addictive and can lead to dependency if not takenRead More

What Is Opioid Abuse?

Opioids are a class of drugs that include prescription pain medications and illegal drugs, such as heroin. Although a doctor may prescribe opioids, they can still easily lead to addiction. Anyone prescribed an opioid medication should take it with care, follow the instructions, and maintain clear and open communication with their doctor. Sometimes we thinkRead More

4 Signs Your Loved One Is Using Methamphetamine

The use of methamphetamine can quickly escalate to an addiction. Methamphetamine addiction can be devastating to a person’s life, often coming with noticeable signs and symptoms. Watching a loved one journey down a dangerous path can be stressful and emotional, especially when they are using a drug as dangerous as methamphetamine. However, when we canRead More

Can I be Addicted to Tanning?

Many of us go tanning to get that warm, sun-kissed glow. For those of us living in places with long and cold winters, we may find ourselves going to a tanning salon. We sit in that nice and warm tanning bed, relaxing and letting all of our worries go. For those lucky individuals living inRead More

When Heroin Use Turns Into Heroin Addiction 

Heroin addiction can become central to the lives of those suffering. Few individuals suffering from a heroin addiction can function through daily life in the usual way. For most people, their lives become consumed with obtaining money to buy the drug, thinking about the drug, and using the drug. Understanding and acknowledging you may haveRead More

How to Talk to Someone About Their Drinking 

In movies and television shows, we often see a group of concerned family or friends sitting in a room waiting to host an intervention for an unsuspecting individual. The outcome of that intervention often depends on the television show or movie that we are watching. In real life, a staged intervention, especially without a trainedRead More