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Can Spirituality Help In My Recovery From Trauma and Addiction?

  Spirituality has been intertwined with recovery since the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). A cornerstone of the recovery steps in AA involves submitting our control to a higher power. Recovery, however, has evolved from the early programs like AA and other 12-Step programs. Spirituality is more of a catch-all term for one’s beliefsRead More

What Is Considered Sexual Addiction and What Are Some Treatment Options?

  Much like any other addiction, sexual addiction relates to having compulsive behaviors that interfere with important aspects of one’s daily life. In sexual addiction, the behaviors revolve around some form of sexual activity, including, sexual intercourse, masturbation, and sexual fantasy. Please note that sexuality is natural and pleasurable. Enjoying sex is not a signRead More

Trauma and Sex Addictions

  Whether it be with chemicals or without chemicals, addictions can reel you in and get you hooked before you even realize it. Just like with substance use disorders, a sex addiction will disrupt your life as you know it. If you are struggling with sex addiction, as well as trauma, The Guest House canRead More

How Individualized Care Can Benefit Your Recovery

The last thing that you are trying to do if you are suffering from trauma or addiction is to be the center of attention when working through your issues. Even if you are unknowingly crying out for help with the behaviors you are displaying, getting treatment, especially individualized care, is probably not something you wouldRead More

Why Is Substance Abuse So Common Among Victims of Trauma?

  Victims of trauma can be susceptible to abusing substances or alcohol as a way of coping with their symptoms. Substances and alcohol can be a form of self-medicating as the person may be unsure of where to get help. Stigma about getting mental health treatment can also lead to substance and alcohol abuse. WhenRead More

Differentiating Between High-Functioning or Addicted

With all the stereotyping that happens when it comes to addiction, there is one stigma that can often slide under the radar. Someone who is high-functioning with their drug or alcohol use may be overlooked due to the success they continue to have in their life. They may own their house, maintain a job, orRead More

The Root of Anxiety and Addiction

One issue that has come to the forefront during the current global pandemic is anxiety. With anxiety on the rise, finding a means to cope is essential. Whether someone has day-to-day stressors, such as a phobia of heights, or psychological trauma from a life-changing event, self-medicating through drugs and alcohol is a common way thatRead More

Tips to Cope with Cravings

When dealing with addiction, you also have to deal with the cravings associated with the vice. Whether you have food cravings, drug or alcohol cravings, or sexual cravings, learning to cope with cravings can be difficult. Cravings can start as a way to numb emotional pain and then turn into a way to get ridRead More

How Addiction Changes Our Reality

  Everyone is living in their own world. Sometimes your world intersects with someone else’s world. You see their point of view and they see yours. But, sometimes it isn’t that easy. This is because your world isn’t the world, your reality isn’t the reality. Add an addiction into the mix and your whole worldRead More

Rising Above the Stigma of Addiction and Mental Health

An ongoing task for many in the recovery world has been to bring light to stigmas of addiction and mental health issues. Drug overdoses were a source of contention in 2017 when the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that over 63,600 deaths occurred from opioid abuse. The revelation that addiction was notRead More