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How Can You Unwind Without Drinking?

Most people think that alcohol is the only way to unwind. This belief is so common that it has given birth to activities like “happy hour.” The biggest problem here is that the more problems you have, the more you drink. Further, regular drinking will likely put you on the path to alcohol use disorder (AUD).

There are much healthier ways to cope with the stress of a hard day or deal with bad news. You don’t have to risk your sobriety or develop a bad habit and risk your health. While alcohol may seem to help in the short term, you risk long-term damage by using this method of unwinding. You can employ many safer options to unwind and relax after a stressful day.

Hanging Out With a Friend

Instead of drinking, you can try connecting with a friend and engaging in activities you like. Companionship can certainly help you unwind. Talking can also be therapeutic as it allows you to get stuff off your mind rather than leaving it locked up. According to Harvard Health Publishing’s article “Strengthen Relationships for Longer, Healthier Life,” friendships can even lead to more life satisfaction and longer life.

Working Out

A healthy body breeds a healthy mind, which you will get from working out. You can channel your energy into exercise and get relief from whatever is troubling you. As a bonus, you get a better body structure and improve overall health. You don’t have to work out like an athlete to get great results. A little workout after work will suffice and replace your feelings of stress with happiness.

Take Time to Meditate

Meditation is designed to eliminate stress and free your mind. You can take some quiet time and drown out all the noise and anxiety, and you will instantly feel less stressed and happier without needing alcohol. Just make sure you don’t run back to your phone or the news when you are done or risk undoing the effects of your meditation.

Read a Book

Reading enlightens the mind, and as a bonus, it provides a healthy distraction from all the stress around you. By embedding yourself in a story, you feed your mind some positivity, all while being distracted from whatever is responsible for your anxiety.

Drinking is never the solution to anything and will lead you down a darker part. You may be finding it difficult to cope with the problems in your life and end up feeling stressed. If you are currently feeling overwhelmed, you can try talking to someone instead of turning to alcohol. Alta Loma transformational services provide therapeutic services that will help you. Call (866) 457-3843 and have Alta Loma help you on the road to unwinding safely. Our experts are on standby.