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Grief Therapy and Trauma Support in Recovery

Grief, trauma, and substance use frequently overlap. Therefore, grief and trauma counseling should be incorporated into addiction treatment plans because unresolved grief can lead to relapse. If substance use, grief, and traumatic stress are treated simultaneously, there is a greater chance for success. Substance use, grief, and unresolved trauma require using evidence-based practices to treat theseRead More

What to Bring to Substance Abuse Treatment

Learning what to pack and what not to pack will make the transition more comfortable when you begin your journey into substance abuse treatment. In substance abuse treatment, it is vital to be as comfortable as possible throughout the process to minimize anxious thoughts and feelings. Being prepared for residential treatment is a great wayRead More

Identifying Self-Destructive Behaviors

Many people struggle with self-destructive behaviors. Self-destructive behaviors can take many different forms. Unfortunately, engaging in such behaviors harms not only you but also has the potential to hurt those around you. How can you work towards identifying and overcoming self-destructive behaviors in recovery? What Is Self-Destructive Behavior? Self-destructive behaviors are actions that can harmRead More

Can I Choose When I Leave Rehab?

The choice of leaving treatment early, even if it’s against professional advice, is a common question. If you are in rehab, no one can force you to stay, even if treatment was mandated by the courts. The ability for you to leave at any time is a consideration many individuals struggle with, but before leavingRead More

Will I Have Visitors During Treatment?

It’s terrific if you have made the difficult decision to seek treatment. You may be a little nervous and unsure. That is entirely normal and natural. Most people experience some form of discomfort when they make important life choices. Feeling nervous means you are making a big decision. It is a decision that will affectRead More

When Heroin Use Turns Into Heroin Addiction 

Heroin addiction can become central to the lives of those suffering. Few individuals suffering from a heroin addiction can function through daily life in the usual way. For most people, their lives become consumed with obtaining money to buy the drug, thinking about the drug, and using the drug. Understanding and acknowledging you may haveRead More