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What Is Your Next Indicated Step?

In recovery, you will hear people talking about completing the next indicated step. What you have found in your own experience are failed tasks and too many missteps to count. As you keep pushing forward in your sobriety, you may be wondering how to achieve a level of growth that includes taking the next indicatedRead More

Maintaining Our Sobriety During COVID-19

With the current events occurring worldwide, you may be feeling anxious about how to stay active in your sobriety. There is a substantial amount of uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the coronavirus. The efforts of social distancing have been put in place to protect us from contracting the virus, as well as from spreading it toRead More

Dealing With Life on Life’s Term

You can take the drugs and alcohol away from the individual, but you cannot take away the drama. No matter how long someone is sober or how much they work through their issues, life will always provide some ups and downs. Life inevitably includes trials and tribulations that can really influence the outcome of eachRead More

Why Don’t I Feel Like My Program Is Working?

At some point in our recovery process, we may find ourselves feeling disconnected from our program. The relief that we once had, or were searching for, isn’t showing up or maintaining. Old habits return and our emotions feel a little overwhelming or out of control. We are once again, or still, irritable, restless, and discontent.Read More

Breaking Down Serenity

At the end of most meetings, or sometimes in daily life, we say the Serenity Prayer. It is a quick and efficient call to our Higher Power that we sometimes forget to relish in. After repeating it so many times in our recovery, at our 12-Step meetings, and on personal occasions, the words of theRead More

What to Expect When You Are Discharged From Rehab

Completing your rehab program is a huge accomplishment. It is certainly something to be proud of. If your facility was inpatient and you have been there for a significant amount of time, reintegrating into the real world can be both exciting and daunting, simultaneously. Leaving a place of structure and guidance might be a causeRead More

The Terrible Twos of Sobriety: A Survival Guide

The first year of sobriety can feel like a dream. As we reconnect spiritually, emotionally, and mentally we begin to regain our freedom and sense of peace. Taking the 12-Steps with a sponsor and getting involved in fellowship rewards us with a new life. The rewards are plentiful and we find the pieces of ourRead More

How Can Recovery Coaching Help?

As we’re working to recover, there are certain resources we can take advantage of that can greatly increase our chances of being able to stay sober. Many treatment programs offer recovery coaching, and there are also private coaches you can work with. Similar to addiction counselors and therapists, coaches have experience helping people to recoverRead More

The Power of Choice Is Yours 

When we’re in recovery and working to maintain our sobriety, one of our greatest challenges is the powerlessness that we feel over our addictions and emotional difficulties. We feel overwhelmed by our addictive urges and compulsions. We feel overcome by emotional triggers and overpowered by the temptation we feel to return to our drug ofRead More