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How to Let Go of Our Expectations in Recovery

During recovery, you may have the expectation that you are going to be healed immediately. You may also have the idea that you will be “fixed” and no longer need treatment following a stay at a facility. You may need to let go of the expectation that there are no quick fixes in recovery fromRead More

Are There Risks to Getting Sober Without Rehab?

Attending a rehabilitation facility for drugs, alcohol, or trauma is a great place to get the support you need for your sobriety. You may have concerns about the time commitments, the financial aspects, or fear of the unknown, but do not let that deter you from getting the help that you need to remain sober. Read More

The Root of Anxiety and Addiction

One issue that has come to the forefront during the current global pandemic is anxiety. With anxiety on the rise, finding a means to cope is essential. Whether someone has day-to-day stressors, such as a phobia of heights, or psychological trauma from a life-changing event, self-medicating through drugs and alcohol is a common way thatRead More

Why Addiction Started Without You Seeing It Coming

The origins of addiction are often misunderstood. Many believe that people drink or use drugs because they cannot handle life and do not care how it affects others. While this may seem to be the case since the characteristics of addiction point to self-centeredness, the truth is that there is more to how addiction startsRead More

What Is Your Next Indicated Step?

In recovery, you will hear people talking about completing the next indicated step. What you have found in your own experience are failed tasks and too many missteps to count. As you keep pushing forward in your sobriety, you may be wondering how to achieve a level of growth that includes taking the next indicatedRead More

Maintaining Our Sobriety During COVID-19

With the current events occurring worldwide, you may be feeling anxious about how to stay active in your sobriety. There is a substantial amount of uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the coronavirus. The efforts of social distancing have been put in place to protect us from contracting the virus, as well as from spreading it toRead More

Dealing With Life on Life’s Term

You can take the drugs and alcohol away from the individual, but you cannot take away the drama. No matter how long someone is sober or how much they work through their issues, life will always provide some ups and downs. Life inevitably includes trials and tribulations that can really influence the outcome of eachRead More

Why Don’t I Feel Like My Program Is Working?

At some point in our recovery process, we may find ourselves feeling disconnected from our program. The relief that we once had, or were searching for, isn’t showing up or maintaining. Old habits return and our emotions feel a little overwhelming or out of control. We are once again, or still, irritable, restless, and discontent.Read More