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Will I Have Visitors During Treatment?

It’s terrific if you have made the difficult decision to seek treatment. You may be a little nervous and unsure. That is entirely normal and natural. Most people experience some form of discomfort when they make important life choices. Feeling nervous means you are making a big decision. It is a decision that will affectRead More

When Heroin Use Turns Into Heroin Addiction 

Heroin addiction can become central to the lives of those suffering. Few individuals suffering from a heroin addiction can function through daily life in the usual way. For most people, their lives become consumed with obtaining money to buy the drug, thinking about the drug, and using the drug. Understanding and acknowledging you may haveRead More

Sharing Your Story in Recovery

Our experiences make us who we are today. What we have lived through has shaped and molded us, transformed us, and taught us valuable lessons. There was probably a time during your active addiction that you kept a lot inside of you. You probably had many secrets, did not tell people what you were goingRead More

Having Child Visits in Treatment

Deciding to seek treatment for an addiction is a big decision, one that probably comes with more than a little stress. You are leaving your home, your routine, and your family to work on the struggles you are facing. When you have a child or children at home, this can be an even scarier decisionRead More

How to Let Go of Our Expectations in Recovery

During recovery, you may have the expectation that you are going to be healed immediately. You may also have the idea that you will be “fixed” and no longer need treatment following a stay at a facility. You may need to let go of the expectation that there are no quick fixes in recovery fromRead More