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Understanding your addiction is the first step in being able to work through it in a healthy and safe manner. Knowing when substance use becomes an addiction is the key to receiving the help that you need. Acknowledging an addiction is hard for many people. If you are in therapy, work with your therapist to begin your healing journey. As you begin that journey, here are a few ways you can analyze your substance use to determine if your use has become an addiction.

Ability to Refrain

How has your ability to refrain from using your substance of choice changed with time? Has it become increasingly challenging? Do you find yourself wanting your substance of choice more often than when you began to use it?

Negative Consequences

Oftentimes there are many negative consequences involved with addiction. Have you faced any negative consequences and still decided to use your substance of choice? Consequences may look like financial problems, impact on employment, or the ending of relationships. Everyone is on an individual path, and the negative consequences of substance use will look different for everyone.

Impact on Relationships

Have your relationships changed or suffered because of your substance use? Have you ever lost relationships over the actions you have done while under the influence? Addiction has the ability to affect every single aspect of a person’s life, especially the relationships that are most important.

Increased Usage

Understanding and acknowledging the pattern of your usage will help you to understand your mental health and habits better. How has your usage changed? Has it increased? Does usage depend on who you are spending time with? Consider keeping a journal to help you keep track of details and your behavior. Oftentimes it can be easy not to acknowledge usage or the pattern of behavior. Having those details down on paper can help you to recognize your substance use and better understand if what you are experiencing is an addiction.

Understanding your mental health issues and addiction can be challenging. Everyone is unique, and it is essential to take time to understand what exactly you are experiencing. Consider how your usage has changed. Others may find it helpful to analyze the negative consequences they are experiencing due to substance use and how that use has impacted relationships. Here at The Guest House, we are ready to help you understand and acknowledge your addiction. We are prepared to help you throughout your entire recovery journey. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800.