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How Does Addiction Treatment Help Me Face Triggers?

Overcoming triggers is a huge part of the addiction recovery process. Even when in treatment, you still have to learn how to face triggers in order to find sobriety that lasts.

Understanding Addiction Triggers

Addiction is a complicated and multi-faceted subject. Even though everyone experiences this disease in their own way, one common element is the “trigger.”

According to a 2020 study in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, a “trigger” is considered “a key element in the craving response showed by addicts.” External stimuli lead individuals to use drugs, and they can even cause someone to relapse after periods of abstinence.

The study notes that drug-related memories are activated after a trigger. This leads to reward anticipation in the brain. In order to stop this action, it’s important to avoid the trigger or learn the right mechanisms to control it.

How to Face Triggers in Treatment

When you’re in treatment, you may find yourself with a lot more free time. If your days were previously spent finding and using substances, it’s important to have a toolkit at your disposal to deal with triggers should they arise.

The first thing you can do is get out a journal and brainstorm what your triggers may be. Write down the obvious ones that first come to mind, and then try to dig a little deeper.

Looking at your triggers is not always an easy job. However, when you gain that awareness, you strengthen your connection with yourself and become much stronger in your recovery journey.

Face Triggers at The Guest House

After you face your triggers by gaining awareness, it’s a good idea to seek out methods to overcome them completely. At The Guest House, we offer a wide variety of therapies and other tools to help you stay focused while in treatment.

Meditation, Yoga, and Breathwork

According to Complementary Therapies in Medicine, a growing number of research has supported the clinical effectiveness of mindfulness-based practices, like yoga and meditation, for treating addiction. Meditation and yoga at The Guest House are central components of our holistic healing programs. Our guests can quiet their minds and learn how to cope with triggers through detached awareness.

Conscious connected breathwork is another program that promotes mind-body connection. This therapeutic modality can help you move stuck energy through the body and allow you to fully feel your life force energy once again.

Group and Individual Therapy

Traditional talk therapy modalities at The Guest House help you overcome and process your triggers in a safe space. Group therapy can help you connect with peers who understand your struggles. You can find support and accountability through a group connection.

Addiction is a deeply personal process. Individual therapy is where you will find specific help tailored to your unique needs. Every program at The Guest House is customizable to you. We aim to help you get to the root of your condition so you can re-discover the joys in life while finding lasting recovery.

An individual’s different triggers contribute to the cycle of addiction. In order to fully heal from this disease, it’s important to understand how to face triggers and overcome them. At The Guest House, we employ various holistic therapies to help you process triggers as you learn how to leave them behind for good. Meditation, yoga, and conscious connected breathwork can help you connect to yourself as you learn how to overcome triggers. We also offer traditional therapies like group and individual counseling to help you stay on track and accountable to your goals. Call us at (855) 483-7800.