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How Can Prayer Help Us Heal?

Sometimes as we’re healing, we feel emotions that can overwhelm us so much and be so debilitating that they feel as though they are detracting from our recovery. When we feel helpless, when we feel powerless and out of control, when we’re consumed with fear, we can feel like we’re going backward in our recoveryRead More

Why Do We Question Our Faith?

For many of us struggling with addiction and mental illness, our faith in a higher power is something we’ve been able to rely upon in difficult times, to hold us steady as we undertook emotional journeys and overcame life hurdles. Our faith gives us comfort, peace, and solace. It reminds us we’re going to beRead More

Can Mindfulness Help Us Manage Cravings?

When we’re hit with addictive cravings and temptation, we can feel overwhelmed and overpowered, scared we’ll relapse and fall off the wagon, retreating back into our addictive patterns. Sometimes the onslaught of the accompanying challenging emotions – fear, shame, insecurity, self-hate – can be so forceful and overwhelming that they contribute to the temptation we’reRead More

Reconnecting with Self and Others

Addiction is sometimes considered to be an illness of disconnection with the remedy therefore being one of connection. When struggling with addiction, we tend to disconnect in various ways. We become disconnected from our inner selves by treating ourselves with self-hatred and judgment. We disconnect from other people when we isolate ourselves, when we chooseRead More

Spiritual Development for Recovery

When we’re struggling with addiction, we can be so consumed by the challenges of our everyday lives, the logistics of just making it through the day, the tough issues, circumstances and relationships we find ourselves struggling with, that we don’t make time for our spiritual development. We neglect the health of our spirits in muchRead More

The Benefits of Holistic Healing

Traditional forms of treatment for addiction and mental illness don’t always tackle all of our systems simultaneously, our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual systems as a whole. They often will treat, but not cure, individual symptoms without addressing the underlying reasons as to why we’re so unwell. Some medications, for example, will make a particularRead More

Can Natural Remedies Help Me?

When we’re working to figure out how best to treat our mental health issues, along with our addictions, sometimes we’ll want natural alternatives to medication, or we’ll want to bolster the effectiveness of our medications with natural remedies. Many people find that their minds and bodies respond better to natural solutions and that their healingRead More

Affirmations for Addiction

When struggling with addiction, we form many limiting beliefs that hinder our ability to heal from our addictive and self-destructive patterns. These beliefs stay with us and permeate our consciousness and our existence, causing us incredible harm. We believe we’re weak and powerless against our addictions. We believe we don’t have the strength, the resilienceRead More

Meditation for Emotional Balance

Our addictions and mental health issues have a way of overpowering us and throwing us completely off balance. As a result, we don’t feel grounded, centered or aligned. We feel distant and removed from our inner selves. We feel disconnected from our purpose and our truth. One way we can restore our internal balance andRead More

Adventure Therapy in Treatment

When living with addiction and mental illness, fun and adventure are often among the things that most get sacrificed, that we most lose out on. We become so occupied with the pain of our mental and emotional challenges, the difficult circumstances we’re living with, and the daily issues we have to contend with, that adventureRead More