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Why Do I Keep Relapsing?

Relapse is very real. It’s a common part of the addiction process. Addiction can be both chronic and relapsing in nature. In recent years, addiction treatment has become more equipped to handle relapse. However, they can also help individuals get to the root of their addiction. When the underlying causes are uncovered, there is aRead More

Why Is It So Hard for Me to Meditate?

Even though the psychological and physical benefits of meditation have been well-documented, many people still shy away from this practice because they feel like they simply can’t do it. It can be difficult to meditate, especially if you have intrusive thoughts. If you feel like you have difficulty meditating, know that you’re not alone. However,Read More

What Are the Steps to Personal Growth?

Personal growth is a process that is hard to define. When people commit to improving their lives, the decisions and paths they take are unique to them. These journeys often include obstacles and upheavals, but those challenges can help you grow even more. How Is Personal Growth Defined? The desire to change who you areRead More

Does Somatic Therapy Work?

The mind-body connection is more profound than most people would believe. The body and mind’s ability to communicate and store memories are why so many have emotional or physical reactions to situations or people. Taking care of the mind-body connection becomes vital when coping with past trauma. Somatic therapy guides people to release past traumaRead More

Trying Different Holistic Approaches

With the wide variety of alternative approaches to treatment and recovery, finding out what you feel most comfortable doing is a critical component of your aftercare plan. If you’re considering looking into various types of therapy, choosing one that works best for your lifestyle and specific needs can make all the difference in your commitmentRead More

Sleep Deprivation and Mental Health

Sleeping patterns and mental health are two very closely related concepts. Sleep helps your mind and your body repair themselves and become stronger. For that reason, sleep deprivation can worsen or even increase your chances of having mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression. Understanding the connection between your sleep struggles and your mentalRead More

What Is Psychodrama?

Psychodrama is a form of therapy that allows individuals to explore issues through action methods. This form of therapy typically incorporates role-playing and group dynamics to help people gain a greater perspective on emotional concerns, conflicts, and other areas of difficulty in a safe environment. Psychodrama can create a creative environment for expression when itRead More

Finding Your Inner Peace

Seeking help for mental health issues or addiction can be a stressful thing. With treatment comes a lot of unknowns, which can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. One major thing that can help you through your recovery journey is finding your inner peace. There are a lot of benefits to finding that inner calm. When youRead More

What Is Self-Expression?

Self-expression is the process of taking something deep within ourselves and putting it into an observable form. This is the art of creation. Some may find that they can express themselves in the form of creative writing, while others prefer artwork. Learning to express yourself is a powerful thing and is often a part ofRead More