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Holistic Healing for Dual Diagnosis

Co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders (SUDs) are extremely common. The go-to treatment for this dual diagnosis usually lies in traditional modalities, but for some, they can leave a lot to be desired. Many treatment centers are now turning to holistic healing to complement these traditional methods. This type of care can bring aRead More

Creating a Bridge: Conscious Connected Breathwork

The journey of recovery can be challenging. Traditional therapies alone can leave people feeling uninspired, with a void between their mental, physical, and spiritual energies. Conscious connected breathwork is an excellent tool to bridge this gap. This modality allows you to ground yourself and heal your mind, body, and soul together as one. What IsRead More

How to Participate in Art Therapy When You Aren’t an Artist

Treating addiction involves several different treatment modalities and approaches. Experiential methods, like art therapy, can go a long way in recovery. Even if you’re not an artist, you can still participate in art therapy. This modality is a unique way to express yourself through your healing journey. What Is Art Therapy? Art therapy has becomeRead More

How Can I Start My Own Meditative Practice?

Meditation is a powerful practice that can help you overcome many obstacles in your life. Even though its benefits are well-known, many people still feel intimidated by the concept. In order to create your own meditative practice, it’s important to start small and celebrate yourself every step of the way. Benefits of Meditation According toRead More

How Does Addiction Treatment Help Me Face Triggers?

Overcoming triggers is a huge part of the addiction recovery process. Even when in treatment, you still have to learn how to face triggers in order to find sobriety that lasts. Understanding Addiction Triggers Addiction is a complicated and multi-faceted subject. Even though everyone experiences this disease in their own way, one common element isRead More

Can I Heal Trauma Without Medication?

In our modern Western world, it seems like medication is the answer to everything. While medication can be beneficial in certain instances, it’s not the only way to heal trauma or behavioral health conditions. Lasting Effects of Trauma Research has shown a strong link between trauma, health conditions, behavioral health disorders, and other long-term effects.Read More

How Substance Use Disorder Affects Our Personality

At The Guest House, we know that substance use often starts as a way to feel a sense of pleasure that might feel impossible to grasp otherwise. However, when your substance use becomes a compulsion, it becomes more difficult to find yourself within it. In active addiction, your every action is motivated by feeding thatRead More

Why Do I Keep Relapsing?

Relapse is very real. It’s a common part of the addiction process. Addiction can be both chronic and relapsing in nature. In recent years, addiction treatment has become more equipped to handle relapse. However, they can also help individuals get to the root of their addiction. When the underlying causes are uncovered, there is aRead More

Why Is It So Hard for Me to Meditate?

Even though the psychological and physical benefits of meditation have been well-documented, many people still shy away from this practice because they feel like they simply can’t do it. It can be difficult to meditate, especially if you have intrusive thoughts. If you feel like you have difficulty meditating, know that you’re not alone. However,Read More

What Are the Steps to Personal Growth?

Personal growth is a process that is hard to define. When people commit to improving their lives, the decisions and paths they take are unique to them. These journeys often include obstacles and upheavals, but those challenges can help you grow even more. How Is Personal Growth Defined? The desire to change who you areRead More