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How Does Cinema Therapy Work?

Watching movies provides an escape from reality. The minute the lights go down and the trailers start, you can get swept away into a different world. Films offer a world filled with adventure or emotions. That world is also a way to express your feelings to your therapist.

What Is Cinema Therapy?

Cinema therapy is more than grabbing a snack and getting situated. Cinema therapy helps you discover emotions, solutions, or situations you relate to in your life. When you mindfully watch a movie, you can often recognize similar problems or answers to an issue you’re facing. Sometimes you can identify yourself as a character. Movies are an opportunity to tap into your feelings and let your mind absorb the ups and downs of life.

Cinema therapy, like art, equine, or mindfulness, is an effective form of therapy. The symbolism, metaphors, or settings can increase communication, empathy, or an awareness of your feelings. When you mindfully watch a movie, you can also engage linguistically and visually and improve your interpersonal skills. Because cinema therapy presents you with various ways to engage, you’re more likely to find a healthy way to process your emotions or experiences.

Is Cinema Therapy for Me?

Does the idea of sitting across from a therapist and talking about your traumatic experience, mental health, or substance addiction overwhelm you? Cinema therapy is a way to talk about your past trauma or emotions.

Take a moment to think about how you feel after watching a movie. Do you feel sad, angry, or revitalized? Did you recognize yourself or your environment? The possibilities are endless when you immerse yourself in the plot or characters.

Whether you go to a movie theater or stream at home, you can feel hope, rethink a relationship, or discover a role model. For instance, if you have a substance use disorder (SUD), seeing how a character copes with their SUD and recovery can inspire you to commit to your recovery. You can also find talking about a movie with your therapist is more effortless than sitting and talking about your emotions or thoughts. Cinema therapy expands how you can communicate with your therapist and others.

How Do I Mindfully Watch a Movie?

When you watch a movie, try to be as comfortable as possible. Then, use the same steps you would use to meditate and begin to watch a film mindfully.

  • Get comfortable: Find a comfortable position to watch the movie, take a deep breath and relax.
  • Movie watching as meditation: Throughout the movie, remain focused on the characters’ actions and dialogue. If you find yourself drifting, ask yourself why. Maybe the plot or characters are making you uncomfortable.
  • Be introspective: Movies are a chance to scan your inner self and past.

Your mental health or substance addiction recovery journey is personal. Discuss with your therapist the benefits of cinema therapy. Maybe it can guide you to a deeper understanding of your behaviors. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Remind yourself to remain present throughout the movie and find relatable situations, emotions, or characters. At The Guest House, we believe you can benefit from innovative forms of therapy like cinema therapy. Our peaceful location near Ocala, Florida, is the perfect backdrop to immerse yourself in reflection and healing. We’re here to guide you to a healthier you. Call (855) 483-7800.