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The holidays can be a fun and exciting time. They are often filled with unique activities, traditions, and gatherings with extended family and friends. Schedules can often get packed, and routines are frequently changed. These changes and a busy schedule can be hard to work through for many people, particularly children.

Helping your children manage the busy holiday season and the stress it can cause will be unique to each child. If you are struggling to understand what your child needs from you to feel supported, work with a mental health professional. As you begin to prepare for the holidays, here are a few suggestions to help your child work through the busy schedule of the holiday season.

Talk About the Schedule

Help your child prepare for a busy schedule; make sure that your children know what is on the schedule. Explain what events or activities are coming up or who you will be seeing. When children are included and told about the schedule, it can help them have a better sense of control.

Be Flexible

If your child is having a tough day or struggling because of a change in schedule, try to be flexible. You may want to change an activity or cancel an event. Work with your child so that they enjoy the holidays, and remember that you don’t have to go to every event that you are invited to attend.

Maintain a Sleep Schedule

Sleep schedules are so important. Maintaining your normal sleep schedule during busy times can be extremely challenging. You will probably find your family up past when your child would typically go to bed at night. If that is the case, try to schedule more downtime the next day. If your child struggles with their mental health, a rapid change in sleep schedule can have a negative impact on their overall well-being.

Relax and Enjoy

Try to pause and remember what the holidays are truly about. Enjoy your time and simply have fun. Remember, it is perfectly okay to change the schedule and relax when you or your children need to. So many wonderful memories are built by simply being together and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Managing holiday stress can be challenging, and helping your child or children navigate through a packed schedule will look different for each child. Try to be flexible with activities. Work with your child so that they know what the schedule looks like and get their input, so they have a sense of control. Here at The Guest House, we understand how much of an impact stress can have on mental health for both adults and children. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about our different treatment options and how we can support your family.