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Is Leaving the Office Early Healthy?

Let’s make play a priority. Take a break from work, grab a friend, or go alone and have fun. Too often, adults forget that life isn’t all about work, obligations, and expectations. It’s time to remind yourself why playing is good for you. I Can’t Take Time Off From Work, Right? The opportunity to letRead More

Goals Prevent Sabotage in Recovery!

Long-term recovery must have both short- and long-term goals in place for ongoing success. Goals act as a roadmap to your future of health and happiness. Therefore, setting goals will encourage long-term sobriety and avoid relapse. Why Are Goals Important? Goals are what motivate you and keep you accountable. Without goals, you may lack directionRead More

Nutrition, Sleep, and Revitalization for Long-Term Recovery

A healthy lifestyle is key to recovery. Paying attention to how you eat, sleep, and take care of yourself can help you maintain a focus on your health and well-being in all aspects of life. The habits that go into a healthy lifestyle are a few simple ways you can increase your chances of successRead More

Is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Helpful?

Treatment for depression, substance use disorder (SUD), or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is safe and effective. One option for this treatment is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is a commonly used talk therapy that can help those with mental health and substance addiction disorders. The benefits of CBT are numerous because it guides people to identifyRead More

Controlling Your Freedom With Substance Use Treatment

When you are under the weight of addiction, you likely feel helpless to the substances. This is because who you are sober versus who you are in the throes of addiction are two very different people. Additionally, when you are actively using substances, you might feel like you have no say in how you liveRead More

What Are Effective Problem-Solving Skills?

Effective problem solvers use what they know and what they can assess to form a solution to an issue. Adept problem solvers can predict potential issues and set up a plan to prevent or solve those issues. With a bit of practice and competence, anyone can learn how to solve a problem. What Are Problem-SolvingRead More

How Do I Tell My Loved Ones I’m LGTBQ+?

Coming out is an important decision. Telling your friends and loved ones can be the first step to living your best life. Unfortunately, telling people can be very difficult, especially if you’re unsure how everyone will react. If you think you might be ready to come out, here’s a guide to help you share yourRead More

Supporting Mental Health to Help Identify Trauma

Trauma can affect individuals’ mental health in many ways. Trauma is the leading factor that impacts mental health, substance use disorders (SUD), and behavioral issues. It can change how a person views themselves and the world around them. It also affects physical health and one’s overall sense of well-being. How Does Trauma Affect Mental Health?Read More

Mindfulness and Adopting New Goals for the Future

Your mental well-being impacts your life in various ways. One way your mental health impacts your life is through your ability to follow through on goals. Many people who have experienced trauma and/or other mental health conditions struggle with accomplishing life goals. Their inner critic resulting from judgment about how they coped to survive mayRead More

Why Trauma Treatment Is Important for Depression

Depression is the most common co-occurring disorder in people who have experienced trauma. Further, people who have experienced trauma are 3-5 times more likely to suffer from depression. Depression can be caused indirectly or directly by trauma, but it also can be attributed to other factors.  Depression is also more than 75 percent likely toRead More