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Is Spirit2Spirit Healing Right for Me?

Trauma, emotional difficulties, and external pressures can all contribute to addiction, depression, and many other conditions. At The Guest House, our Spirit2Spirit Healing program focuses on treating these underlying causes, which we often call “soul wounds.” Is Spirit2Spirit Healing right for you and your journey at this time? Spirit2Spirit Healing The Guest House’s co-founder, JudyRead More

The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health Recovery

Everywhere you look, people are on their phones. Quite often, these people are scrolling or posting pictures on social media. This behavior has become the new normal in society. There are many positive aspects of this trend. However, unfortunately, along with social media comes social comparison. Whether or not they admit it, people tend toRead More

Understanding Emotional Eating and How to Heal

Stress and negative emotions can quickly take a toll on a person when they don’t have a healthy way to cope. Emotional eating is a common way that people deal with anger, sadness, anxiety, and depression. This coping mechanism can come with many negative side effects, making it important to address the situation head-on. WhatRead More

How Does Somatic Therapy Help Heal Depression Symptoms?

When it comes to addiction and mental health recovery, there is no one “right” way to go about it. A wide range of tools is necessary to help you find the methods that work best for you. The Guest House is a cutting-edge center that uses a distinctive blend of both traditional and experiential, orRead More

What Is Drug-Induced Psychosis?

Substance abuse is a vicious cycle that can impact nearly every area of a person’s life. The most common side effects are mental health conditions, dangerous withdrawal symptoms, and financial instability. Drug-induced psychosis is another severe result of addiction. For individuals experiencing this condition, it’s crucial to find help as soon as possible. Psychosis PsychosisRead More

The Impact of the News on Mental Health and Trauma Recovery

The 24-hour news media cycle makes it difficult to ignore negative events going on in the world. The impact of the news can be especially harmful to an individual in mental health or trauma recovery. With the right tools, you can find relief from this type of stress and enjoy success in your healing journey.Read More

Brainspotting: Connecting the Eyes and the Brain

Everyone’s experiences with trauma are deeply personal, and how you respond to it is unique to you. However, as noted in an article from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), traumatic experiences often negatively impact your physical and behavioral health. Moreover, traumatic experiences highlight the brain-body connection in which the psychological distressRead More

Opportunities for Volunteering in Ocala

Before treatment, you were likely busy. You probably could not have imagined having had time to volunteer somewhere. In this current time of your life, however, you may have more time on your hands than you know what to do with. Along with this, you may have a newfound desire to help out. You couldRead More

Facing Your Fears With Adventure Therapy

The truth about recovery is that it can be challenging. Creating a whole new life for yourself means facing your fears and doing deep work to heal. The good news is that you can find fun methods and therapies to help you along your journey. Adventure therapy will give you a new sense of excitement.Read More