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Understanding Intergenerational Trauma

The idea of trauma being passed from generation to generation — also known as intergenerational trauma — originated in 1966 when psychologists studied children and their grandparents who were Holocaust survivors. This phenomenon occurs when trauma symptoms experienced in the past are passed down to your children when they are in a similar situation. BecauseRead More

How Building Resilience Can Get You Through Trauma

We are all going through a tough time with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It may seem impossible to imagine moving on past the trauma you have already endured, especially right now while there is no end in sight. Resilience is the key to keeping yourself strong throughout trauma, so you can find happiness when thisRead More

Big T’s and Little T’s in Trauma

We know that trauma can have a lasting impact on any individual. However, it is typical to think of trauma as only happening to veterans or sexual assault survivors. While “big T” traumas are traumatic events that leave you to little or no control, there are also “little T” traumas that many people experience, andRead More

Emotional Numbing

Emotional numbing is when you shut out your feelings after a traumatic event. It becomes a coping tool to avoid having to confront your feelings about what happened to you. While emotional numbing can provide you with temporary relief, avoiding confronting your feelings can lead to negative consequences in the future. Symptoms of Emotional NumbingRead More

How to Reconnect with Your Body After Trauma

Trauma has a way of making us wish we could switch bodies with someone, since the physical and psychological effects of trauma still stay with us—even years later. If you experienced a physical assault, the body can be a constant reminder. Part of our trauma is stored in our body, so it is important toRead More

How Do I Make Breathwork Work for Me?

Many types of meditation can offer a holistic approach to breathing techniques. The practice of breathwork involves using controlled breathing as a means to gain access to your inner consciousness. Breathwork uses breathing exercises that are meant to reduce symptoms of mental health issues, including trauma-induced substance abuse, process addiction, anxiety, or depression. With eachRead More

Psychological Shock

Psychological shock is when you experience a physical reaction in response to a traumatic event. It can be from a number of traumatic events, like a car accident, going through a breakup, witnessing something scary, or any other kind of event that can lead to feelings of fear. By recognizing when you go into psychologicalRead More

What is Rock Bottom?

There comes a time in everyone’s addiction where they have gone as low as possible, and there is nothing more they can lose. The term “rock bottom” alludes to this definition. Jail, homelessness, financial despair, and broken relationships are the most common rock bottoms to push someone into a state of reasonableness. If someone keepsRead More

How Do I Find the Upside When I Am Feeling Down?

Finding a silver lining in each day can sometimes be challenging. When you are experiencing cessation from drugs and alcohol, you may already be on edge. With all the problems of today, you may feel down and hopeless. There are tons of reasons to feel anxious and depressed, but many more reasons to be thankfulRead More

Kindness Matters

We can all recognize kindness in others. The way they talk to you and act toward you lets you know whether they are a person with kindness in their heart. The water, however, gets a little bit murkier when we’re trying to decipher self-kindness. We often tend to be harsh on ourselves, especially when weRead More