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How Can I Stop Self-Sabotaging?

Self-sabotage is typically referred to as behavior that creates problems in a person’s daily life and interferes with long-standing goals. Someone could engage in self-sabotaging behaviors for many different reasons. Mental health issues are often complex, with everyone experiencing situations differently. As you begin to work on your mental health issues or addiction, you willRead More

What if Positive Affirmations Do Not Work?

You have undoubtedly heard of positive affirmations. The idea is that if you tell yourself positive things about yourself, it will improve your mental health and your life. Positive affirmations can have a positive impact on mental health. However, it is important to remember that everyone is on a unique path and that it isRead More

Self-Focus During Recovery

Life after you complete treatment can be hectic. You probably have a desire to change aspects of your life, rebuild relationships, and help others just like those who had been through treatment previously helped you. While you are sorting through everything you want to do, remember that focusing on yourself is a top priority duringRead More

How Do I Overcome My Fear of Rejection?

Everyone experiences fear of rejection at one point or another in life, but having an intense fear of rejection can easily stifle growth and have a negative impact on relationships. An inappropriate fear of rejection can have a negative effect on romantic relationships, friendships, and work settings. Rejection can be painful or even embarrassing. NobodyRead More

The Importance of Sharing Your Story

Congratulations on continuing with your recovery journey and your sobriety. That is something to be immensely proud of. You have made a journey that is not only physically challenging but also mentally challenging. You have fought through hard days and enjoyed the good ones. In treatment, you learned about your mental health and why youRead More

How to Work Through the Fear of Success

Many people fear failure, not accomplishing their goals, and not succeeding in the life they want. Others fear success. Someone may fear success for many reasons. If fear of success is something you are struggling with, know that you are not alone. Here are a few suggestions to help you work through your fear ofRead More

Finding Motivation to Maintain Sobriety

Recovery is a lifelong process filled with many high and low moments. Recovery is not always easy, just like treatment was not always easy. You worked through some tough and deep trauma to get to where you are today. For some, early recovery can be a frightening time. You desperately want to make all ofRead More

How Can I Improve My Well-Being?

Focusing on your own well-being is essential. Everyone needs to focus on their own mental health at times. Everyone is unique and will require different things to maintain their health and well-being. Many people struggle with taking time for well-being because of the various tasks that always need to be done and our society’s constantRead More

How Can I Overcome My Emotional Walls?

Everyone experiences emotional walls at some point in life. For some people, these walls are easy to work through and understand. They do not significantly impact daily life and emotional well-being. However, for others, emotional walls can stifle growth and impact relationships. Learning to overcome emotional walls can be a necessary part of recovery forRead More

What Should I Do After Receiving a Mental Health Diagnosis?

You have received a diagnosis; what happens next? You may be feeling a mixture of emotions. On the one hand, you finally have a name for what you are experiencing. That can feel validating. Everything you are experiencing has a name, and others are experiencing similar things as you. On the other hand, you mayRead More