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How Can I Keep My New Year’s Resolution?

When you say you have made a New Year’s resolution, you are essentially saying you have made a new goal for yourself. Goals can be an amazing part of the recovery process and of maintaining your overall well-being. However, as most people know, many find it challenging to keep the New Year’s resolutions they haveRead More

Do I Have to Talk About My Mental Health in Addiction Treatment?

Having questions and uncertainty about receiving professional support for your mental health issues or addiction is completely normal. It can feel scary or overwhelming just thinking about having to open up to a complete stranger. One thing you may be wondering about is what exactly will be covered or focused on during treatment. If youRead More

How to Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Being unique is amazing. Everyone is different, and you should be proud of everything that makes you a unique individual. Often when people suffer from mental health issues, it can create feelings of shame or isolation. Learning to embrace all that makes you unique is powerful. Work with a mental health professional to begin yourRead More

How to Face Your Fear of Change

Fear of change can be debilitating. It can create stagnation in reaching goals, hinder new relationships, and cause isolation. Learning to understand your fears will help you to be able to work through those fears. Working with a mental health professional can help you explore your fears on a deeper level. Here are a fewRead More

How to Be Your Authentic Self

Finding the courage to be yourself is an amazing thing. For many, finding that courage is a process. It can take learning new skills and tools to better understand your mental health in order to feel comfortable with yourself. Mental health issues can be complex, and at times it can be challenging to fully understandRead More

How to Stop Being Your Own Harshest Critic

Are you often hard on yourself? Does your inner critic scream louder than any other person you know? Having a strong inner critic can significantly affect your mental health and overall well-being. While it can be good to hold yourself to high standards, you also need to learn that mistakes are normal and perfection isRead More

The Power of Acknowledging Your Feelings

Learning to acknowledge your feelings will bring you tremendous benefits. Whether you struggle with addiction, a mental health disorder, or simply trying to reach lofty goals, acknowledging what you feel will help you in every area of your life. Emotions and feelings can often be complex, with many feelings wrapped and tangled together. Working withRead More

4 Ways to Put Your Mental Health First

Learning to put your mental health first can be challenging. You may struggle to put yourself first for many reasons. Work with your therapist to find the root cause of that struggle. As you begin that journey, here are a few suggestions to help you put your mental health first. #1. Participate in Activities YouRead More

4 Winter Self-Care Tips for Mental Health

Some people find that their mental health issues may present themselves differently during the winter months. Learning to understand your mental health issues will help you navigate staying healthy. Everyone is on a unique journey, and you will need to explore what works best for you. Work with your therapist or other mental health careRead More

How to Build Greater Confidence

Building your confidence can help in many different areas of your life. Developing your confidence can be difficult, and building up your confidence can take professional help to better understand and work on. Know that you are not alone if you are struggling to enhance your confidence. The root causes of emotional struggles can oftenRead More