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How Do I Spot Bipolar Episodes?

Bipolar disorder is a difficult disorder that affects millions of adults each day. Unfortunately, bipolar disorder is often left untreated because many people are unaware they actually have it. Identifying bipolar episodes is the first step in understanding this condition so you can find treatment and begin the journey of healing. Bipolar and Misdiagnosis AccordingRead More

How Can a Daily Routine Impact My Recovery?

As soon as your eyes open in the morning, you are faced with making decisions. How many times can you hit snooze without being late? Coffee before or after a shower? Perhaps, coffee in the shower. So many decisions to make and you are not out of bed yet. With so many demands within yourRead More

How Can I Release My Limiting Beliefs?

The beliefs that you have play a role in your actions. If you have limiting beliefs, they can inhibit your ability to live a fulfilling life and cause self-destructive behaviors that hold you back. Fortunately, you can learn to release these. Techniques like freestyle journaling, practicing forgiveness, and improving your awareness can help you identifyRead More

How Your Mental Health Impacts Your Children

According to an article from the Annals of Epidemiology, in the United States, approximately 12.8 million parents have a mental health disorder. Whether you are a parent or not, living with a mental health disorder can increase difficulties with daily functioning and maintaining relationships. However, while parenting has its challenges, parenting with an untreated mentalRead More

Managing Parental Stress

Parenting has its stressors, especially as children and teens discover the boundaries of their independence. In addition, parenting stress is often compounded by other life stressors like work, finances, and relationships. Therefore, parental stress can have a significant impact on your family’s well-being as well as your recovery. Life Stressors in Parenthood According to theRead More

The Value of Emotional Wellness

Throughout life, you will experience various stressors. Life stressors can be exciting and meaningful, like celebrating a newborn baby, or devastating and debilitating, like grieving the loss of a loved one. While stress is a normal part of life, how you handle it can have a profound impact on your well-being. Your emotional wellness playsRead More

Healing With Animal Companions

Humans have a special relationship with animals. We find comfort, love, and companionship in the relationships we form with animal companions. Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, hamster, or lizard, the bonds you form with your animals can have a profound positive effect on your wellness and support recovery. At The Guest House,Read More

How to Create a Mindful Space at Home

According to an article by the American Psychological Association (APA), mindfulness is an awareness of your internal state and surroundings. Through mindfulness, you can learn how to dismantle self-defeating thoughts and behaviors with nonjudgmental observation. Moreover, the holistic benefits of mindfulness can also be found in forming a mindful space as it impacts your physicalRead More

Resiliency Building During Setbacks

Recovery does not happen overnight. There will be ups and downs along the way as you discover and learn the path to long-term wellness that makes sense for you. Therefore, experiencing setbacks is not the end of the road but rather an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your needs. At TheRead More

Leading a More Meaningful Life With Personal Recovery

When left unaddressed and untreated, mental health disorders can impede your ability to function in daily life. It can be incredibly frustrating to experience symptoms that make ordinary tasks, like getting out of bed or talking to people, feel impossible to complete. Seeking support can be helpful for symptom management. While treatment mental health recoveryRead More