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What Does A Panic Attack Feel Like?

The stigmas surrounding mental illness can deter many people from getting the help they need. When panic attacks start becoming part of a person’s life, they can begin to feel hopeless and uncertain about why they are occurring. In fact, some people do not even know that they are having a panic attack and reallyRead More

Feeling What We Avoid: Walking Through the Fire

Treatment to heal from trauma can be a challenging, yet rewarding, experience. We may feel reluctant to enter treatment due to the number of defense mechanisms that we have built up to avoid feeling pain. When facing therapy and treatment, we may feel like we are getting close to emotional fires within ourselves. We walkRead More

Creativity and Recovery: Music and Art Therapy

Music and art have been used as a means of helping people express their emotions and to understand the emotions of others. We might be able to more clearly express our emotions through abstract means with creativity. Art and music are powerful in their expressive capabilities. We may be feeling blocked from expressing our deep-seatedRead More

Disruptions in Emotional Processing Caused by Trauma

Trauma causes our nervous systems to overreact to stimulation and stress. We feel on “high-alert” and as if we are in survival mode. Trauma left our bodies and minds in a state of fear. We worry about re-experiencing similar events. We have a difficult time managing stress. We feel uncomfortable around new people and haveRead More

Stop Fighting Your Feelings

Traumatic experiences can come in many different forms, impacting lives in every way imaginable. Even when multiple people experience the same event, every person will have a different response, which creates unique impacts in their lives. This is why it’s important for trauma treatment to be individualized. The Guest House will tailor treatment to helpRead More

What Are the Benefits of Exercising for People With PTSD?

Since you have become sober, you may have been trying to alleviate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) without turning to drugs and alcohol. One coping skill that could be a healthy choice would be physical exercise. Finding the time and motivation to exercise is not only beneficial for your body, mind, and soulRead More

How Do I Mourn in Recovery?

Trauma grief is something that can plague a person’s soul. Without correctly processing the pain of the circumstances, someone could experience feelings of depression and anxiety that can hold them back from living life. Grief is the response to a personal loss that can occur from a tumultuous breakup or the death of a lovedRead More

What Are Some Ways Sexual Assault Can Impact a Person?

  Sexual assault can impact a person’s overall wellness across several dimensions of health. Sexual assault can be a very traumatic experience, which may lead to a person feeling unsafe in the world. Like any other form of trauma, sexual assault can cause a person to feel on high alert throughout all of their dailyRead More

Coping With Stress

  Stress is something that we all deal with on a daily basis. No matter how hard we try, we can’t avoid it. Your recovery from trauma isn’t going to be without stress. So, it’s time we start learning as much as we can about stress so that we can use it to our advantage.Read More

Five Signs Your Thinking Is Unhealthy

Distorted thoughts and low self-image are often at the core of someone who suffers from mental health issues, trauma, or addiction. As these thoughts swirl throughout the brain, they can eventually come out in someone’s words and actions. The brain is a complex and powerful organ in the body that can do considerable damage toRead More