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Knowing when your substance use has turned to abuse can be essential to your mental and physical health. If you know when you are experiencing an addiction, you can work towards deciding to seek help for that addiction.

You do not need to face challenges alone. Working with a mental health professional can help you to better understand your mental health issues and why you are feeling like you are feeling. Here are a few different factors to keep in mind if you struggle to decide whether you are experiencing an addiction.

Your Cravings Have Intensified 

Have your cravings intensified since you began using your substance of choice? What do you experience when you are feeling those cravings? With continued substance use, it is typical that cravings will intensify. Take time to think through the cravings you are experiencing. Have you begun to need to increase the amount that you use to keep your cravings calm? Do you need to use the substance more often?

You Continue to Use Even Through Negative Repercussions 

Have you experienced any negative repercussions because of using your substance of choice? Negative repercussions can take different forms. Some people may experience difficulties or strain with their relationships. Other people may experience monetary hardship or damage their professional lives. Others may develop health concerns as a result of their substance use. If you are experiencing negative repercussions because of your substance use and still choose to use your substance of choice, it may be time to look deeper at your usage.

You Hide Your Use

Have you begun to hide your use more than normal? Why is that? Who are you hiding it from, and why are you hiding it?

You No Longer Can Refrain From Use

Can you stop using your substance of choice? Does the choice of refraining from use look hard or easy? If the thought of not using your substance of choice causes you distress and worry, then your substance use may be closer to abuse.

Knowing when to seek professional help for substance abuse is essential. Deciding to reach out for help can be a big decision. Try to analyze your use and decide if what you are experiencing is addiction. Can you refrain from use? Are you experiencing negative repercussions and still choosing to use? Here at The Guest House, we understand that seeking help is a huge decision. We are trained to help you overcome your addiction and improve your understanding of your mental health issues and overall well-being. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800.