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Is “Anger” Ever Appropriate? Where Does Anger Come From?

Anger is a negative feeling that develops in response to the unwanted actions of someone else. It can be associated with unpleasant behaviors from anyone involved and is caused because you might believe someone else has been disrespectful, threatening, neglectful, or mean. Alternatively, anger is an appropriate response to some life events. Although, how you manage the feelings anger invokes is what is most important.

Is There a “Right” Way to Manage Anger?

Anger is simply a tool that you use to manage events in life. Anger is just one of the basic emotions you possess, and while it can feel unpleasant when it happens, having the right tools in your toolbox can make it a manageable emotion.

Do Feelings of Anger Hurt Us?

The emotion of anger does not hurt you. Having said that; it is important to learn how to manage that emotion. Holding anger in can hurt you. Research shows that when you routinely hide or suppress your anger, you are far more likely to have physical health issues and even die at a younger age.

Do Feelings of Anger Help Us?

Anger lets you know when your values are not in harmony with what is happening around you. Anger reminds you of your beliefs and value system. Anger has valuable qualities and can be very beneficial. Here is why:

  • Releasing anger and making your needs known immediately relieves stress and betters your mental health
  • When you identify something is bothering you, it allows you some control over the situation
  • When something makes you angry, it allows you to problem solve and find a positive solution
  • Anger can help stimulate you to achieve goals in a productive way
  • Anger protects the things that are important to you
  • Anger can motivate you to improve yourself and your behavior

What Is the Best Way to Cope With Anger?

First and foremost, put the brakes on, practice the pause, and do not respond immediately. Let the topic breathe for a minute and give the anger space before responding. Calmly state your concerns constructively using “I” rather than an accusatory “you.” Clearly state your position without attacking or trying to control the outcome. Identify as many solutions as possible to find a compromise and use appropriate humor but avoid sarcasm.

Learning to express and manage anger can be a challenge. At The Guest House, we can help you manage your anger. Our programs are designed to provide a safe space where you can address and challenge your emotions and develop healthier responses when you feel anger. Sorting through emotions is hard, and anger can be one of the hardest; therefore, if you or a loved one needs help, get help now. To find out more, contact us by calling (855) 483-7800